So, You are here!
Why you should trust us? The big question, right?
Sit back and let me explain this!
We here at HikingRange purchase real stuff from Amazon and multiple online stores and then our team of expert hikers try them on!
They go for hikes to test these products. (We always keep a recovery kit with us in case the product we are reviewing dies).

Once the team gets back, they submit a detailed report of their experience with that particular product.

At this point, our analysis team comes to into play and analyzes what the company is claiming and what are the reviews of our experts.

Whenever they find a product that is as good as the company claims, they add it to a google sheet.After that, our Editorial team arranges and refines the analytic report, arranges it in a proper format, do some due diligence, and uploads this to hiking range, for you!

To make sure you are taking an informed decision about your purchase.
I know how it feels when

your hiking stick breaks on a hard hike. So I don’t want that happen to you.

Each of our articles is written after extensive research and proven results. That’s Why you can always trust us while purchasing gear for your next hike.

Happy Hiking!