Imagine hiking alone and finding a bear next to you; then, it’s always dangerous to your life if you don’t know about preventive measures.

So it’s all about “What To Do If You See A Bear While Hiking”. It’s very important to follow preventive measures, and this is your life, so be careful and stay safe.

Preventive Measures

So you don’t need to worry about this if you read the following preventive measures.

1)First, do not show your food to the bear because it’s the main reason for the attack in the presence of bears. So put all the food items available on you in a safe place or with other hikers. As a result, the bear will not recognise that you have food, so it does not attack.

2)You should make noise to continue your hiking in the group and with someone else because when many people are together, the rate and chance of a bear attack are less likely.

3)The last thing (and most important thing) is to look for a stick or any such long thing to carry with you for self-defence.

Whats Keeps Them Away

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Bear Pepper Spray:

One of the best precautions you should take is a bear pepper spray available on the market. This spray is very harmful to the bear and takes them away from your presence.

 Let’s take an example. If a bee stings you, then it can be so much pain, right! Similarly, this bear pepper spray works like a bee sting to the bear. Don’t worry about the price of this spray. It’s not a high price. So buy and carry with you.

Bear Mace Spray:

If you don’t want to buy bear pepper spray, another precautionary measure is bear mace spray. It also works like a bee sting and makes the bear away from your presence which will be safe for you.

  • Other than these two precautions, it’s better to have powerful weapons with you like rifles or guns so that you can save yourself in the case of any bear attack.
  • If possible, make a tent in the open space and wait there until someone comes to help you because bears are very afraid of fire and screaming sounds.

What To Do If A Bear Comes Into Your Campsite At Night While You're Sleeping

What To Do If You See A Bear While Hiking by

Well, it’s a situation to be careful and if you want to take precautions, then follow these simple measures.

1) Never sleep outside alone because when there is only one person, the bear will come and attack for food.

2) If you are sleeping alone in your tent, keep your torch near you or make a noise with that or shout to scare the bear away from you.

3) Never sleep with any of your food items near you because it’s just the reason for the bear to attack you. So please keep it in a safe place or with other hikers (in case of camping with a group).

How To Avoid Bear Encounters While Hiking

Here are a few encounters that I will share with you


Be mindful of noise because when you try to be quiet, the bear won’t know that you’re there. So making noise while hiking will make them aware of your presence, but after all, it’s your choice whether to stay quiet or not.

Be Attentive:

When there is a chance of encountering a bear, then you should be very careful and attentive too. As a result, you will be able to notice quickly that there is a bear nearby by their smell or sound before it notices you.

Do Not Run:

Never run away from the bear if you see one because this makes them think you are prey, so never make this mistake.

Stay Calm:

If you see a bear for the first time, then stay calm and avoid panicking because if you panic, then there’s a chance that you or someone will slip and fall which can be very harmful in this situation.

Do Not stare at them:

Never try to stare at the bear because bears get irritated by this and can become very dangerous.


When you are at a distance, stay there because staying further away from the bear will ease your tension.

Climb A Tree:

If you notice a new bear nearby, immediately climb up a tree and stay as quiet as possible until the bear leaves the area. This method is very beneficial if you have something to climb on

Final Words

So, friends, these were some precautions on what to do if you see a bear while hiking. In case of any more queries or suggestions, then feel free to comment. Thanks for reading this article, and I hope this will help you all

What To Do If You See A Bear While Hiking by


Where can I buy a Bear Mace spray?

You can get it on Amazon or any other shopping site; you just need to input this term “bear mace spray”, and you will find many options for it.

If the bear gets me, then what are my chances of survival?

It’s just an injury, so that you might get some serious injuries like a cut or a bruise, but there are chances that it will not be fatal.

What is the average speed of a bear?

 The speed of a bear can vary from 4-9 miles/hour, so you might have to run at your top speed if the bear gets too close for comfort.

In which cases is a bear spray a better solution than a gun?

 If you are not that experienced in using guns, then it’s better to go for other alternatives like bear sprays, whistles, or any other sound-producing device instead of guns because all you need is loud when it comes to protecting yourself from bears sounds to scare them away.

How long does it take for the bear spray to act?

You just need a single burst on your attacker, so after spraying once, you will see an effect in about 5-10 seconds, and if the bear gets near you, you might get another burst, but make sure that you are using the right bear sprays. Only get those bear sprays that are approved by the department of wildlife in your country.