What is a yurt camping!

A yurt also called a ger or a ghar, is a traditional Mongolian circular tent. It has been used for centuries by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia and Siberia. The word “yurt” comes from the Turkic languages of central Asia and means “home.”

A yurt can be made with either horsehair or wool felt on an arched wooden frame that provides stability and insulation to keep you warm at night. A traditional yurts designed, so they have no front door—instead, they have large openings at each end that provide natural light and fresh air.

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What Is Yurt Camping, And Benefits Of It

Most yurts are increasingly popular among families who want to get off the grid but enjoy camping, glamping or living comfortably in a rustic setting. Because yurts can be disassembled and re-purposed if necessary, they make an ideal shelter for people travelling cross country with their belongings.

A yurt life are also great for people who want to live in luxury but at a fraction of the cost. Yurt campground can be much more affordable than staying in an RV or tent, and they often include modern yurts amenities like air conditioning, bathrooms with showers, kitchens and even beds!

 If you enjoy travelling during your retirement years or simply prefer a more relaxed lifestyle, yurt camping is right for you.

Yurts are also popular with hunters and fishers who appreciate their rugged but comfortable style of living and they’re even becoming a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts who want to try out glamping as an alternative to traditional yurts tent camping. Because the design makes it easy to stand up inside, you can enjoy the full-sized kitchen and bathroom found in a traditional home like nomadic tribes, but with all of the comforts, you’re used to.

Yurts are available as rentals at many campgrounds and national parks across America, or you can purchase your own  yurt of tiny house for about half the price of an RV! 

Whether you live off-grid, enjoy camping or simply want to try something new, a yurt can be the perfect choice for you.

Since many years, Oregon State Parks have been offering Pacific Yurts. There are 22 Oregon State Parks with pet-friendly yurts and cabins  

How To Start Planning For Your Next Yurt Camping Trip

Step 1: Decide What’s Important In A Yurt Camping Experience

It’s important to ask yourself: What exactly would I like to do? A good campsite is based on where you are going, and what you look for. Here are some things to consider.

Activities: Would you like to go hiking? Playgrounds and kid-friendly places should be nearby if you are travelling with children.

Tents Or RVs: Will you have a tent or an RV? Finding a campground with the right amount of space for your vehicle is essential. 

What is a yurt camping by hikingrange.com

Camp In Style Or Rough It: You may not always have access to a bathroom, electricity, or running water. During the planning process, details like this cannot be overlooked.

Group Camping Vs. Solo Camping: Consider the number of people in your group and the types of interests they have. A single campsite might be enough for a small group. You might need a large yurt if you’re travelling with a large group.

Step 2: Reserve Your Campsite

Your search for the perfect campground begins once you have determined what type of camping trip you want. Here are some tips for finding the perfect site:

  • Ask your friends for suggestions.
  • Make sure to check availability – during busier times such as summer and around holidays, it may be necessary to book months in advance.
  • Secondly, By booking your campsite online, you’ll save time and money. All you have to do is choose the dates, the campsite, and reserve your spot.

Step 3: Plan Your Menu

The menu is often the most difficult part of planning a camping trip. But preparing meals outside is not as difficult or limited as it may seem; from steaks to omelettes to pasta, you can prepare it all with the right tools and storage.

Prep: While it’s possible to do a lot of things at the campsite, getting a few things ready at home can save time and effort when we’re there.

Spice Things Up: Just because you’re eating outside doesn’t mean you can’t use your favourite spices. Make sure you pack the basics, such as salt, pepper, oil or cooking spray, and any additional seasonings you like. 

Food Storage: You will most likely need to store cold foods. Make sure you bring ice-filled coolers and ask the campground in advance if they sell ice or if you need to travel elsewhere to refill your supply.

Cooking Tools: Many fire pits include a grate, so you can cook on the open flame. If you want to cook items that don’t do well over a fire, you should consider bringing a propane camping stove.

Step 4: Pack Your Gear

To ensure that you don’t forget anything essential, always have a camping checklist on hand. It is easy to print ours so you can customize it over time.

Tips To Prepare For First Yurt Camping

If you’re new to modern yurt camping, start by asking friends or family who have experience of living in a yurt for some tips. 

Once you’ve gathered all of the information that’s available online and from experts, it will be time to get ready! You’ll want to make sure your equipment is packed just right so everything can fit in your car or truck.

When you’re packing for yurt camping, be sure to include all of the basics like food, water and clothing—but don’t forget to leave room in your vehicle so you can bring along anything else that might make it more comfortable for you! 

Yurts are cozy, but they aren’t quite big enough to host a family Thanksgiving feast. 

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Keep anything else you might need in case you need to go on your favourite vacation with you, so you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time worrying about cooking in tiny spaces.

You’ll also want to make sure that everything is tightly packed, so nothing gets damaged or broken during transportation from your home to the campground. 

You’ll want to take a good look at everything before you leave and make sure that there aren’t any loose pieces or parts—and keep an eye out for small children and pets that might accidentally get tangled up in your equipment.

Take a look at the campground rules before you head out so you’ll know what to expect once you’re settled in, and make sure your camping plans are shared with everyone in your family, so you all know what to do when it’s time to retire!

Camping in a yurt might be a little different from tent camping.

Tips On How To Pack For Your First Time At Yurt Camping

What is a yurt camping by hikingrange.com

When you’re packing for your first time at yurt dwellers camping, start out by brainstorming an idea of what to pack. After that, consider the weather and where you’ll be going. 

Once you’ve done all of that, put together a list with everything on it, so you know exactly what to bring! 

When putting things in bags or boxes, keep in mind that things should be easy to find and access.

Yurt camping requires a lot of items, some you might not expect. Some examples are lanterns, flashlights, cooking supplies (pots/pans), silverware, plates/bowls, first aid kit–and depending on where your campsite is located; there might be additional items like bug spray, sunscreen, firewood (if available), extra clothing (in case it gets cold) and blankets.

If the weather is hot during your camping trip, you might want to consider bringing a water purifier with you or some type of filtration system for easy access to drinking water without having to carry heavy bottles around with you.

Make sure to pack all of the toiletries that you’ll need, like toothpaste, deodorant and other items that make camping more comfortable!

You might also consider bringing some entertainment along in case it rains or gets dark early—you don’t want to end up stuck without something fun (and quiet!) for everyone to do!

You’ll also want to think about packing personal items like a towel, sunscreen, snacks and some extra cash in case you need anything while you’re out camping.

You’ll want to think about packing for the entire family, including your pets!

The Top Five Things That Make Up The Perfect Campsite According To Experts

Camping experts agree that the perfect campsite should include five essential things: Quiet, Clean Water, Safe Drinking Water, Fire wood burning stove and Shade.

 If you’re able to find all of these items, it will make your camping trip much more enjoyable!

It can be not easy to find shade when camping, but if you are lucky enough that your campsite includes an overhang or a shading tree, that’s the perfect place to set up your tent so you’ll be able to keep cool and out of direct sunlight.

Quiet is important for everyone! If there are kids involved, they might need some extra time away from their parents—and if you have teenagers with friends, it will help them stay focused on their own conversations instead of the ones taking place right next to them.

The best campsites are those with clean water available for everyone, including pets!

If you’re lucky enough that your campsite has a lake or stream nearby, make sure to bring some type of filtration system, so no one gets sick from drinking contaminated water. It’s not worth the risk!

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What Is A Yurt?

A Yurt is a circular tent traditionally used by nomadic people in the steppes of Central Asia. It has a central flexible poles, which provides structural support for the rest of the yurt.

The exterior is usually circular and semi-permanent or square and permanent. It is made up of flexible wood form lattice walls, roof, and floor, which are covered with layers of felt (to insulate from the heat or cold), canvas and rugs.

What Is A Yurt Camping?

Yurt camping, also known as glamping, refers to the practice of staying in tents that look like yurts.

Is yurt camping expensive?

Not necessarily. Yurts can vary in size and amenities, so it’s important to do your research before committing to a certain type of yurt. There are yurts to accommodate parties of 2 to 20 people, depending on your budget and the size of the party.