A tent trailer is a type of recreational vehicle—specifically, it’s a travel trailer with the living quarters configured to resemble a tent. The exterior resembles that of a small camping tent on wheels.

This style was invented in 1953 by Arthur Sherman while he was vacationing in California. He wanted to be able to camp one night and drive home the next day. 

His first such trailer was a wood frame covered with canvas, though the majority of tent trailers today are made of aluminium for their lightweight properties.

Tent trailers can be fitted with air conditioning and heating units, but they tend to be smaller than most RV’s as not to take up excess space when set up for use in the campgrounds.

Types Of Tent Trailer

What Is A Tent Trailer by hikingrange.com
  1. Pop-up tent trailer
  2. Folded tent trailer
  3. Truck bed camper
  4. Fifth-wheel truck bed camper
  5. Cargo trailer tent
  6. Folding cargo trailer tent
  7. Expandable cargo trailer tents
  8. Outdoor vacationer fold up camping cot trailers
  9. Folding outdoor vacationer fold up camping cot trailers
  10. Outdoor tent trailers folding travel trailer

Structure Of A Tent Trailer

What Is A Tent Trailer by hikingrange.com

The layout of a tent trailer is different from that of a standard design. The typical measuring unit in an RV is called a “foot”.

The standard size for one foot would be 12 inches by twelve inches, but the smaller wheelbase of tent trailers means they are usually only about eight to nine feet long and four or five feet wide.

Tent trailers are usually built with one or two beds and may come with a table that can be set up to form a third sleeping space. This is in contrast to the typical RV layout, which would have a table along one wall and a double bed across from it.

A tent trailer has a raised roof where the weight of the canvas covering is offset by the weight and strength of the metal frame. The normal arrangement has a pop-up roof with the sleeping quarters in a U-shaped area above it.

The front wall of a tent trailer is often hinged so that when the living quarters are folded up, you can fold it down and open it like a picnic table for added room and comfort.

Tent trailers usually have a fold-out awning on the side to shade the door area, and most manufacturers offer optional add-on features such as exterior speakers for an MP3 player.

Many new models also come with built-in generators so that you can listen to your favourite music while enjoying the fresh air.

Most trailers don’t come with air conditioning since they are designed for use in mild weather, but units can be easily installed. Tent trailers often have screens on all the windows and doors to keep insects out while allowing ventilation and fresh air.

Best Usage Of Trailer

  1. A great second or vacation home for when you don’t want to stay in a hotel or pay high nightly fees at campgrounds
  2. A great home away from home while working out of the country for a few months or years
  3. A great getaway and functional second home in remote areas due to its low height to length ratio and lightweight structure
  4. An office, studio or guest house on your own property
  5. A great starter home for a young family on the go
  6. A small extra storage unit or store for selling items at flea markets, farmers’ markets or other outdoor events
  7. A transportation vehicle with all living and sleeping accommodations contained in one structure
  8. Perfect for boating due to its low height and lightweight structure that makes for easy storage and towing on the road
  9. A great addition to an existing house or campground cabin, as a second home or penthouse apartment on top of a barn or other structure
  10. An extra temporary living space for those displaced by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes
  11. A secure temporary housing space for when you go on vacation, such as a camping trip or kayaking excursion
  12. A self-contained home and office that can be moved on the road while at a job location, so you don’t have to waste valuable time commuting
  13. The perfect second home or college dorm room for teenagers who are attending boarding school or classes out of state
  14. A pop-up tent that can be used as a play space for children when it has been set up for the day and folded up into an easy to store unit for transporting or storage at night
What Is A Tent Trailer by hikingrange.com


What is the difference between a tent trailer and a travel trailer?

 A travel trailer pulls behind your vehicle much like a regular-sized camping trailer would, while most tent trailers have large wheels that are designed to be pulled by an SUV or truck.

How do I choose the right size of tent trailer for me?

One of the most important decisions you need to make before purchasing a tent trailer is deciding on its length. You’ll want to consider how much room you will need for your vehicle and whether or not you plan on packing things inside while camping, such as bikes, canoes or kayaks

What are the different ways I can tow my trailer?

There are many different ways to tow a tent trailer behind your vehicle. You can use a hitch-mounted base, which attaches to the rear axle and holds the weight of the unit; a bumper-mounted base that wraps around and fastens on top of a vehicle’s front or rear bumper; as well as weight distribution bars that use weight to create even balance.

How do I buy a new tent trailer?

The first step in buying a new tent trailer is deciding whether you want to purchase it online or at a traditional retail store. Once you’ve made this decision, search for trailers that suit your needs and compare costs with features such as onboard generators, water tanks, full bathrooms and kitchen amenities. 

You can also make your purchase from a private party or on sites such as Craigslist and eBay.