How to wash blankets!

Do you have a bed full of fluffy, warm blankets?

If so, congratulations! You’re one step closer to being ready for winter. But now the season is changing, and it’s getting colder outside, you may be wondering how often you should wash those blankets.

This article guide will go over the basics about washing your blankets and answer some common questions people have about this process.

There are different types of blankets like wool blanket, fleece blanket and electric blanket different blankets need differ processing washing.

There are few steps to wash your blanket as follows:

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Wash In Cold Water

Most people would think that the only way to wash a blanket is in hot water, but this isn’t true. You can actually use cold water for most types of blankets and linens when you’re looking to clean them thoroughly without using much heat at all.

However, before putting your blankets in with anything else in the laundry basket (like dark colours or other items that might bleed), be sure to check the tag on your comforter since some require warm or even hot temperatures instead.

Launder by themselves: While it’s always recommended not to put multiple things in the washer together, there are certain times where you don’t have any other choice than to throw everything into one load. This is important if you want your pillows.

How To Wash Blankets by

Use A Gentle Detergent

 If you don’t want to damage your blankets, make sure that the detergent you use is gentle cycle enough for them. Look for an option like Woolite or another product made specifically for washing fine fabrics and linens. 

Some brands will even have specific options on their labels, noting that they’re safe to wash with comforters or other similar items.

Don’t overload: If there’s one thing everyone knows about doing laundry, it’s not overloading the washer, so everything inside has room to move around freely while getting clean. However, people often forget this when it comes time to throw in their comforter since these pieces are so bulky compared to most of our clothes.

Don’t let yours get stuck at the bottom of the machine where

How To Wash Blankets by

Dry On Low Heat For About An Hour

Many people don’t think that it won’t dry as quickly or easily when you wash a blanket in cold water. As such, you should always make sure to put your comforter on low heat for at least an hour, if not longer, before taking it out and allowing it to finish drying inside naturally.

Don’t forget the lint trap: This might be something everyone knows how to do already, but just because we’re talking about washing blankets doesn’t mean this step can go ignored!

When you run a load of laundry from your washing machine (especially one with dark colours), check the lint trap afterwards to ensure nothing gets stuck, which could damage any nearby pieces.

Remove From Dryer When It's Damp And Shake Out

Many people will just put their comforters in the dryer until they’re finished, as opposed to checking up on them and taking them out when they still have a slight bit of moisture left. 

This is important because if you leave your blanket inside for too long, it might start getting damaged from over-drying, which can lead to shrinkage later down the road.

Don’t use fabric softener: To finish things off, we want to make sure that everyone realizes something very important about washing their blankets—don’t use any type of fabric softener!

Fabric softeners are known for leaving behind residue, which could clog up your machine’s drainage holes or even cause damage elsewhere after time passes by. If you don know how else to remove wrinkles

Fold The Blanket Up And Place It In A Storage Bag

Once your comforter is completely air dry, you can feel free to fold it up and place it in a box or storage bag until the next time you need to use it. This will help keep any wrinkles from forming, so things won’t be as difficult when making your bed!

Repeat This Process Every Six Months

Repeat this process after six months to maintain the cleanliness of your blankets! And make sure you always check the care tags on your clothing before washing them. This is especially true for items like down comforters or pillows, which might be more sensitive since they have special materials inside that will get damaged if washed incorrectly. 

Every time you wash a blanket, take an extra few seconds afterwards to remove lint from the dryer trap & run another load of clothes through it with no detergent afterwards to keep things running smoothly in case anything got stuck up there last time.

If something gets caught in the washer while cleaning other pieces, it could cause serious damage later down the road, so stay vigilant when doing laundry and follow these steps closely!

How To Wash Blankets by


Importance of following the care instructions provided on your blanket?

Care instructions are very important for any type of clothing, whether they’re jerseys, t-shirts or comforters since all fabrics vary in their level of sensitivity.

Suppose you accidentally wash a down comforter with towels instead of by itself. In that case, this could lead to serious damage over time, so always double-check that you have things separated correctly!

How often should I be washing my blankets, if not every week?

That depends entirely upon how dirty your items get during use, but try to aim for at least once per month as an easy goal everyone can remember. It’s also good practice to rotate between two different sets so one set can air out

While the other is in use. Just make sure you always follow care instructions closely and take your blankets to a laundromat if they’re too heavy for you!

Do I need to remove my blanket from the dryer when it's still damp?

No, this isn’t necessary since almost all comforters will be completely dried out within one hour or less but try taking them out after about 45 minutes so any wrinkles can fall out on their own before putting them back into storage just in case.

If possible, though, try hanging up your down comforter overnight instead of folding it up right away, which might cause more creases than usual.

Should I store my blankets during the summer?

If possible, it’s best to keep blankets in storage during the hot months since you won’t be using them for most of the year. It’s best to put them in a box or storage bag until you’re ready for use again.