Packing for a camping trip can be made much easier if you take the time to properly organize your gear. If you are new to camping or have never gone before, then this article will provide some guidance on how to do it. We will cover what types of camping gear there is and how they work together in order to make your life easier when you camp.

What You Need To Bring

How to organize camping gear by


 If you are camping, a tent is a necessity. There are many different types of tents to choose from, including backpacking and family campers. If you bring a large family with kids, make sure the one you buy can accommodate everyone easily!

Stove/Fire pit

You need some sort of stove or a fire pit to cook food on. If you desire an open flame, a campfire is also necessary! Some people prefer to bring both cooking options and make their camping experience easier/more versatile


This one might seem obvious, but what type of food do you plan on eating? If you are packing any food, it would be best if you thought about this first.


The water you bring needs to be clean and drinkable, so don’t forget a way to purify it! You can buy camping filters that work for this purpose or use chemicals like iodine tablets on the ground.

Camping Gear

Proper clothing is important when going out into nature. Make sure to bring what you need to stay warm and proper shoes or boots, depending on the terrain


This last category might not be necessary for everyone, but if you love your creature comforts, then bring them! Extra blankets or pillows never hurt anyone.

Bug Spray

In most places, this is a necessity during camping season as they can ruin the experience fast by making it unbearable to go outside. Make sure to buy one that works and lasts long too!

First Aid Kit

This one is a must, do not go camping without it! You don’t want to get hurt out in the wilderness, so make sure to bring a first aid kit with you.

How To Pack Your Gear

How to organize camping gear by

Separate Gear in Three Piles

the stuff you need to bring, the things that are nice to have and a pile of things you don’t need. This way, when it is time to pack up your car, you will know what needs to be put in and where without having to search for anything.

Make A Schedule

It can be overwhelming going through so many items and trying to figure out what you need and what you don’t. So, make a schedule and plan out your trip ahead of time so that you know exactly how much room each item takes up. By doing this, you will have no trouble picking up your car later on!

Hang Items

If possible, hang larger camping items like your tent on the outside of the car. This way, you can put other items inside to take up less room, allowing for more room to carry other things.

Put Items In Storage Boxes

 Many people use old milk crates or clear plastic bins for camping gear as they are cheap and easy to find. These can be labelled with what is inside of them, which will help you stay organized too!

Use Plastic Bags

To keep your camping gear dry, use plastic storage or grocery bags to separate certain items like clothes and food. When items get wet, you won’t have to dry them out to use them again.

Pack Right

 This is the most important part of organizing your camping gear! If you pack your items incorrectly, not only will it be difficult to find something, but you risk getting things wet if they are packed around other damp camping gear.

Gear Be Stored While Travelling

The Trunk

The back of the car can hold a lot more things than you would think, so take advantage! Put your tent in first to protect it from being crushed. Then follow up with camping chairs and other bulky items that are easy to break or damage if not properly taken care of during the trip.

Middle Seat

 You can also use the middle seats of your car to hold gear if you have extra people with you on your trip. This is especially useful for holding suitcases, coolers and other larger items that would take too much room in the trunk alone.

Rear Shelf

 If it’s raining or snowing during your camping venture, you might end up with wet gear at the end of it. In this case, please put all your items on top of your car and cover them in plastic to protect everything from getting soaked again!

What Goes Where

This is important if you use storage bins or crates to hold your camping gear while driving. Make sure that they are facing inwards so when you open them, nothing falls out. It is also helpful to tape the lids shut or use bungee cords to ensure they stay closed.

The Back Seat

If you don’t have enough room in the trunk or front seats of your car to hold all your gear, you can always put it in the back seat. Just be careful not to spill anything as accidents do happen!

Roof Rack

This is a great way to hold items that are too large for the back of your car or in odd shapes.

Tips For Camping With Kids

How to organize camping gear by

Camping chairs

Kids love to go camping because it is so fun, but after a long day of hiking and playing, they can be more difficult to keep up with. Keep them on a leash or in the same area as you at all times, and never leave them alone! 


If you have small children, make sure to put a backpack on them before going out. This way, they won’t get lost or lost in the shuffle of other items. You can also put snacks, sunscreen, and toys inside to have everything they need to stay entertained.

Dryer sheets

If you are trying to keep the bugs away, use dryer sheets. They work great for keeping mosquitoes and other bugs away, and you don’t even have to spray them with any chemicals.

Ways To Keep All Together And Organized

How to organize camping gear by

Plastic Bins

 If you use plastic bins for your camping gear, make sure to label them clearly and put a handle on the side. This makes it easier to carry at all times, which is great when hiking or exploring new areas!

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are perfect for keeping tents closed during travel as well as holding together multiple items when packing or unpacking.

Zip Ties

These are best for keeping everything secure in your car so that nothing is falling out all over the place! Just make sure not to use too many so you can still open up compartments if needed.

Durable Storage Bags

 It’s always good to have durable storage bags for your camping gear. These keep everything dry and bug-free, especially if you are travelling during rainy or buggy times of the year!

Plastic Containers

 If you’re going to be cooking on a campfire, make sure that all items (especially food) are stored in plastic containers with sealed lids, so nothing gets lost or ruined by the elements.

Printable Labels

 If you are using storage bins, print out a label for each one, so you know where everything is at all times

Plastic Sheets

If you are camping during rainy or buggy seasons, make sure to put a plastic sheet under your tent to keep it dry.


If there is a lot of foliage around you, be sure to have scissors on hand so you can clear a path for your tent

Packing And Organizing A Camp Kitchen

How to organize camping gear by

Camping stove

 you are using a camping stove for cooking, make sure to place it on a flat surface and do not use the open flame if there is any wind.

Portable Grill

 Using a portable grill can be great because it requires less clean up than other types of grills. Make sure that all coals are out before packing it up, though, to avoid having a fire while travelling.

Kitchen Utensils

 Having kitchen utensils on hand makes cooking at camp much easier! Just make sure they stay clean and if you use plastic utensils, keep them separate from your other items so that there is no cross-contamination.

Pots and Pans

 Pots and pans are a must when cooking at camp! Make sure to use heavy-duty pots and pans that can handle the heat of an open flame while camping (which is why cast iron works best). It’s also good if they have lids on them so you can cover your food while it’s cooking.

Baking Sheet

 You can use a baking sheet to cook or grill crayfish, roasted vegetables and other small items over the fire.

Coffee Pot

If you are a coffee lover, make sure to bring your coffee pot so that you can have that morning cup of Joe while camping! Just be sure to bring filters with you as wel

Cutting Board

 Having a cutting board is great for cutting up fruits and vegetables. Just be sure to keep it clean, so you don’t run the risk of contaminating your food.


Coolers are great for keeping food cold when travelling to your campsite or even just during the day. Be sure to keep ice in the cooler so that your food stays fresh and cold!…