Are you looking to make your tent camping adventure more comfortable? If yes, stick with me; I am going to show you some ways (Really easy) to do so. How to plan next camping trip?

There are multiple ways to do tent camping more comfortable, but I will be sharing some that are easy camping gear and most effective.

Use Pillows

How To Make A Tent Comfortable by

Pillows are a must in any tent, and they can be bought at the local supermarket or home store.

They will make your sleeping area much more comfortable

They come in multiple sizes and shapes; you just need to find the right one that fits inside your sleeping bag or sleeping pads.

The Old Separate Blankets Trick

How To Make A Tent Comfortable by

If you are a backpacker, you must be aware of this. If not, I am going to explain it in detail;

The old separate blankets trick consists of using two or more blankets that are placed on opposite sides of your tent and fastened by either ropes or carabiners. The blankets can be any kind of cloth material, preferably thick enough to add some warmth to your tent.

Add A Mattress

How To Make A Tent Comfortable by

Another easy way of increasing the comfort level inside your tent is simply adding a mattress, and it should be thick enough to support your body (Can be bought at any home store or supermarket) but still light enough for you to carry around when needed. (NOTE: If you are delicious camping meals with children or pets, there is a chance that they will sleep on the mattress, and if they are not comfortable doing so, you can simply remove it once in the morning)

The Space Blanket

How To Make A Tent Comfortable by

Using a space blanket inside your tent is also another good trick to make them more warm and comfortable. Just put one or two thin space blankets inside your tent, and you will be warmer than ever.

The working of a space blanket is really simple, the tent heater reflect the heat from your body back to you, and as a result, you will be much warmer than before.

Use A Tarp

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If you are looking for even more comfort, add a small tarp on the roof of your tent to prevent rainwater from entering inside it, at the same time protecting you under it. This will make your tent comfortable enough to spend a whole night in.

A tarp is a good material to keep the tent dry. They are usually made of nylon or polyethylene, and they are waterproof. Tents have a lot of mesh around them which allows rainwater to seep through if not properly protected; tarps should be pitched over the top of your tent to protect it.

Use A Hanging Shelter

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Another way is using a hanging shelter. It will protect you from rain and other weather damages. At the same time, this hanging tent can be used to store your belongings inside it. This method is not popular among most people because they feel uncomfortable with so many things in their camping sleeping pad area. If you want to sleep like a king, then go for it.

Use A Floor

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Sometimes the problems of using separate blankets are not comfortable enough; in that case, you can use your comfortable sleeping bag as a floor and sleep directly on it. This way you will be warmer and more comfortable. 

(NOTE: If you do so, make sure to use a thick cloth under you so that the sleeping bag doesn’t get dirty).

You can also use an air mattress (The kind of mattress that you can inflate then deflate at will). If done right, it is one of the most comfortable ways.

I have been using an air mattress for 4 years now to comfort my tent, and believe me, it’s amazing. I have never slept so well.

One More Thing

Not all the time do we have to be comfortable in our home; at times, we want to sleep on a place that might not be so warm or dry (under a tree, for example). If you are going out and know it will rain, then try using this method: Use plastic bags inside your tent and inside your sleeping bag liner (I recommend using 3 of them); then, when you get up in the morning, everything will be dry.

The Fur Blanket

How To Make A Tent Comfortable by

In some places, people tend to have really cold ground weather, so do not count on being warm with all the methods shown above; at times, you need something more, something that would make your tent feel like a stay warm bedroom. The best way to do this is by adding a fur blanket (Just as long as they are synthetic).

If you add one of them inside your tent, then in no time, you will be sleeping comfortably again.

A Tip For The Summer

In the summertime, you have to be at least a little bit worried about insects/ pests getting inside your tent; in that case, adding a thin cloth over the opening of it will prevent almost all of them from falling inside.

You can add this cloth when setting up your tent or before going to sleep (I personally prefer it when I’m sleeping). Remember, this way will only help you when there is no rain.

Cleaning Your Tent

How To Make A Tent Comfortable by

When you are done using the above methods, don’t forget to clean your tent and everything inside it. I usually put my belongings inside a big plastic bag then hang them outside for about 48 hours. The best way to dry your tent is by using the sun’s heat (for example, hanging it in a tree); using the sun is very helpful since you can dry your tent under it.

Other Things To Remember

There are a few more things that I want to tell you before leaving this article; when setting up your new tent inside your home (Do not forget to buy some wood or floor cloths), make sure all of its parts are connected together correctly. I have seen many tents that are packed very well, but when you put them up, they don’t work at all.

High-Quality Tents

Usually, the most comfortable tents are those which have a rainfly inside them; this way you can spend your night not worrying about any water problems (The downside is that these tents are quite expensive).

There may be some other factors that you would love to share with us, and please leave them in the comment section.

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