How to keep a tent cool in the summer camping is a big question. The tent is a basic necessity to start and run any event. Tents are famous for many purposes, no matter whether it is for party functions or other adventures. 

But the tent will make you feel suffocated if you have no idea of how to keep a tent cool in summer camping. A portable shelter protects us from all dangers, but we can’t live in it or even live through it if we don’t have any ideas how to keep a tent cool in summer camping. A sleeping bag to stay cool. Since sleeping bag are designed to retain heat, don’t get inside it if it’s warm in the tent.

There are multiple ways to keep your tent cool in summer camping trip.

1. Using Fans

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This is the most effective and easiest way to keep a tent cool without making any difficulties for yourself.

If you hire local event management companies’ services, they will provide you with portable fan in your tent. But if you are not hiring them, then I suggest that you better buy at least one prior to entering the tents.

2. Using Ice Cubes

How To Keep A Tent Cool In The Summer by

Ice cubes cool your tent within minutes, drop a few in the five-gallon bucket of cold water and put them into tents to make you feel cooler, also keep this bucket outside for constant supply or maintain it yourself by filling it with water.

This is much more effective than fans in keeping a tent cool.

How do ice cubes cool the tent

Ice cubes are best for cooling the tent as they give a sense of coolness to your body by creating condensation on the surfaces, like the walls and floor of the tent.

These are much better than fans because when you have ice cubes in front of you, then they melt more slowly, giving a continuous experience of cool room temperature. But please take care of the ice cubes as they may cause slippery surfaces.

This is a cheap way to keep a tent cool in summer. You can also use ice water to cool yourself while standing near the water.

3. Using Wet Towels

How To Keep A Tent Cool In The Summer

Towels can be used as an alternative to ice cubes. The only difference is that when you use this technique, the wetness of the towel will not last long, and it may or may not work in keeping your tent staying cool, depending on how large your tent is. So don’t expect a great change using this trick.

Wet Towels can also be used to wipe the sweat off your face when it begins to feel uncomfortable inside the tent.

4. Using Air Conditioners

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Now, this is the most effective way to keep a tent cool in the summers, but this can be expensive, and it will not be worth it if you have made your own tent. If you rent tents from event management companies, you don’t need to worry much because they already have an air conditioner installed in the tent of air circulation.

Though it seems very suitable for summer weather, I don’t suggest using this method if you have made your own tent because it will cost a lot of money to run the air conditioner in such hot and humid weather. So better use your best efforts to keep a tent cool than paying high electricity bills for keeping the body cool.

5. Using Parasols

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This is a good alternative for fans. The only problem with the parasol is that it will keep your tent dark, and you may have issues with natural light, but this doesn’t make it less effective than fans in keeping your tent cool because when you go out of the tent into the sun, then you won’t feel any summer heat at all.

So better keep your parasol always open, especially when you are going out for long hours, and close it while coming back into the tent. 

Parasols are more useful when you are camping in direct sunlight rather than shade because the parasol is designed to keep your body away from the sun.

Parasols are important for creating a balance between the environment and you, so make sure that you have one with you always when it’s sunny outside.

6. Using Misters

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These are great devices that produce a mist of water that cools down anything it touches. 

You can get these devices either by purchasing them or borrowing them from your friend who is a party organizer, but if you have to purchase them, prepare yourself for spending hundreds of rupees because the price may vary depending on the size and quality of the mister.

Misters are a good source of providing a cool environment with limited efforts.

If you use misters, lower it upside down and point the nozzle towards your tent, but be careful not to get water on yourself.

7. Using Water-Filled Metallic Balloons

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If you don’t have fans or ice cubes in your tent, then this is another best idea for keeping a tent cool in summer.

Just fill half water and half air into a metallic balloon, tie it up with rubber bands, and keep it inside your tent. The water inside the balloon will evaporate into steam due to hot summer weather, and the surrounding air of the room will absorb this moisture resulting in more humid air, which acts as a cooling agent helping you stay cool.

Keeping a tent cool in summer is obviously very important if you want to survive the hot weather of summer camps, so if you follow these steps, you surely won’t feel suffocated in the tent. Take a cold shower before bed.

These are a few methods I have tried to keep my tent cool in hot summer days. Using these tips, I have spent a comfortable time in the hot tents and also made my friends aware of them so that they can come up with their own methods to keep a tent cool. 

I hope you find this article helpful; please share it with us by commenting below if you have any other methods.