Hanging a camping hammock is an art. There are many ways to do it, and you need the right equipment for the job. In this article, we will discuss how to hang a camping hammock from trees, posts or other objects in your yard that won’t hurt them or cause damage. We will also provide expert hanging tips for everyone!

Find Tree With Branches Close To Ground

How to hang a camping hammock by hikingrange.com
  •  Check for low branches by standing under a tall tree and looking up.
  • Sometimes, you can take your camping hammocks down to the ground or as close as possible to it – particularly if there are no trees in your yard. In this case, use heavy-duty straps designed for suspending objects from the floor.

Hang Your Camping Hammock On A Strong Tree

  • You will need strong straps to hang your camping hammocks from trees. Heavy-duty ratchet tie-down straps are the best option for this job, but you can also use heavy climbing webbing or rope if they have a sufficient strength rating and a breaking point of 1500lbs+. Choose the right strap based on tree diameter.
  • You can find these in hardware stores or purchase them online from popular retailers like Amazon.
  •  Always use the right size strap for your tree’s diameter! If you are unsure of what to get, visit your local hardware store and ask an associate which straps will work best for this task. They should be able to help you out.
  •  Wrap the straps around your tree and secure them tightly. Make sure they are evenly distributed across the trunk before you attach your hammocks, or one side could hang lower than another. You can use multiple straps to achieve this effect if necessary – just make sure that all of the straps have equal tension when using this method

Hang Camping Hammock From Post Or Object

How to hang a camping hammock by hikingrange.com
  • You can also hang your camping hammocks using strong climbing webbing, rope or paracord. These have lower weight ratings than ratchet straps and are not suitable for trees – but they will do fine on posts and other objects that won’t cause damage if you fail to tie them.

Use Rope Or Straps To Secure Your Hammock

  • Tie your camping hammocks securely to the straps or rope using a strong knot.
  •  If you are tying your hammock with paracord, be sure to meet all of the frayed ends so that they don’t fray further and create unnecessary debris in camp!

Hanging Your Camping Hammock Properly

  •  Make sure that there is no slack between where you tie off on the straps or rope and where the hammock is attached.
  • This will ensure that your camping hammocks are balanced properly, which prevents them from tipping over when you get in them to relax.

          Every type of hanging comes with its own set of risks and possible ways to screw up – so be careful!

Is There A Better Way To Hang It

How to hang a camping hammock by hikingrange.com
  •  If you have any tips or tricks that we missed, leave them in the comments below and tell us how they work for you!

Place An Extra Tarp On The Ground

  • You can also place an extra tarp or groundsheet on the floor under your camping hammocks for insulation and padding.

Tie-Off To Multiple Objects For Extra Stability

  • If you are concerned about stability, or there is a chance of high winds at night – it’s best not to rely only on straps or ropes!
  • You can also use multiple objects to tie off your camping hammocks, such as posts or trees.
  • This provides extra stability and prevents them from tipping over when you get in them to relax.

Tying Off Using Multiple Straps ("Daisy Chain")

  • A daisy chain is a method of rigging where you attach your camping hammocks to multiple objects at once, such as trees or posts.
  •  This provides extra stability and prevents them from tipping over when you get in them to relax.

          Once again, make sure there is no slack between each object that the straps are tied off on!

Take Measurements Of Your Body

  • Then Find A Hammock That Will Fit You Comfortably.
  •  You can also take measurements of your body before you buy a camping hammock.
  • This is important because different types and manufacturers will fit differently!
  • Hammocks that are too short for you may not be comfortable, or they might even fall out when you lie in them to sleep – so pay attention to the specific manufacturer’s

Hang Hammock!

How to hang a camping hammock by hikingrange.com

Make Sure It’s Not Too High Off The Ground, So You Don’t Get Hurt When Getting In And Out Of Bed.

  • Make sure that your camping hammocks are hung high enough off the ground, so you don’t get hurt when getting in and out of them. 
  • Hang It Too Low, And You’ll End Up on the ground!
  •  If it is too low, there’s a good chance you will end up hitting the floor or ground when you get in and out of bed.
  •  This is a risk that many people aren’t aware of – so be sure to keep it high enough off the ground!
  • One good solution for this problem is purchasing two camping hammocks instead of one – then simply hang them side by side on any suitable hanging apparatus.
  • This is an easy way to make sure that you and your partner or friend each have their own camping hammock.
  •  It is important to note, however, that this method does not provide you with a “true” hammock experience.

Now Enjoy Some Quality Time Outside

Once you have your camping hammocks hung up, all you need to do is sit back and relax in them!