If Glamp is a new word for you, don’t bother. I will help you glamp your tent and give you innovative ideas that add more charm to your destination vacations.

 It is a new idea of camping which also gives you the pleasures of a luxurious hotel room.

 When we go on a trip with family, friends, or solo, we look for activities that will entertain us and make our trip memorable. As well as glamping, your tent can be an ultimate way to keep yourself relaxed and entertained from everyday stress.

In this article, the main focus is to give you ideas glamping setup and how to diy glamping your tents so that you can enjoy your trip more lavishly with fabulous interiors and classy looks.

Glamping Tent Categories

How To Glamp Your Tent

Glamping tents are categorized into many different types like romantic glamping tents, luxury camping, backyard glamping, and family budget glamp tents, to name a few. Each class is designed to fit your preferences, as you can easily find the perfect one for you and make your camping trip memorable.

1. Romantic Glamping Tent

The romantic glamping getaway tent is the best option for couples who want to refresh their relationship and spend quality time together. The atmosphere of these tents is soothing. This tent is made out of cotton fabric and has a soft mattress for extra comfort. It also contains two pillows on one side of the bed, making you feel cozy when you are with your loved ones. The accessories for this glamping tent are also made of cotton; for example, you can use a cotton throw and a blanket to keep yourself warm while enjoying your stargazing.

2. Luxury Glamping Tent

A luxury glamping tent can be a perfect option for families with kids or for family camping trips as they offer complete privacy to your family members. If you want luxury in your journey, this is the ultimate way to give you all kinds of amenities in your camping trips, like the bed made from pine or cedar, faux fur pillows and sheets made of cotton and wool blankets. These tents are equipped with all the things that a standard luxurious hotel room has.

 The accessories for these tents are also provided with the bedding, and some of them are table lamps, quilt covers and comforters as well for decoration purposes.

3. Cheap Glamping Family tent

It is the best way to go on a trip with your loved ones and still save some money by spending it on good food, entertainment and other luxuries for your family. This tent allows you to take your loved ones with you on your trip without having to spend a lot of money.

These tents started from $1000 and were made out of cotton fabric and waterproof material to protect the things inside them.

4. Camping Glamping Tents

Camping to glamping tents are the best option for those who love to enjoy their time in a camp. These tents can be easily assembled in just one or two hours. These glamping tents offer complete luxury and comfort within your budget so that you don’t have to spend anything more on your trip if you are on a budget trip. These tents are made from cotton and polyester material which is very easy to clean as well.

How to Turn Your Tent Into a Glamp Tent

How To Glamp Your Tent by hikingrange.com

You may be looking for some innovative glamping ideas to make your tent glamp-worthy, or you may be simply needing some help getting started taking your basic tent from zero to hero. 

The following steps will help you turn camping a regular tent into an excellent glamping essentials shelter by adding fabric like draperies and pillows, as well as accessories like lanterns and vases.

1. Measure the space of your tent

It is vital to measure the area of your tent so that you can get some idea of how much fabric is required for the drapery, pillows and any other accessories to look perfect in your glamp-tent.

2. Choose Decorations

Now that you know the area of your tent, it’s time to add some decorative items in various places like lamps and vases for flowers. These accessories will also add colour to your glamp-tent. You can hang lanterns on the walls or ceiling of your tent using ropes. Add colourful pillows inside your tent so that it becomes more cozy and comfortable.

3. Add Fabric

When you are done with the decorative accessories, it’s time to add fabric like curtains along the walls of your tent. Drape them from left to right instead of hanging to avoid making your glamp-tent look smaller than it is. Decorate the doors of your tent using lace or different coloured fabric. Drape the ceiling of your Glamp-tent with cotton fabric to make it look like a palace. If you wish, you can include soft lighting inside your tent using some string lights too!

4. Campfire Meal

Enjoy a gourmet meal while Campfires. It are a very important part of any camping experience. Make your evening extra special by gathering some campers around the fire and enjoying the delicious gourmet meals while listening to sweet music, tell stories or sit back and relax with all your new friends. Camping glamping tents offer you more options for enjoying yourself at night when darkness falls in on the campsite.

5. Tent Accessories

You could add a small coffee table to enjoy your morning tea or coffee. This is an excellent idea if you are camping with the family. 

If you are going on a trip with your partner, a tent heater would be a thoughtful gift to add some common warmth in the glamp-tent. It can get kind of cold sometimes when camping at night. Glamping tents are designed to provide more comfort, which is not possible with regular tents.

6. Folding chairs

You may want to have some folding chairs in your tent so that you can enjoy the company of other people or spend some private time with your family.

7. Flash Lights

It would help if you never went camping without carrying flashlights at night. Flashlights can help you during emergencies or when looking for something in your tent, like your blanket or umbrella. If you have small kids with you, it is vital to carry flashlights along wherever they go to avoid getting lost.

8. Blankets and pillows

Don’t forget to carry some extra blankets, sleeping bags, air mattress and pillows with you. You can use these for sleeping bag on the floor of your tent in case it gets too hot inside your glamping tent at night time or when you want to enjoy a picnic outside your tent or car camping.

9. Wear

If you are planning on staying in your glamp-tent for a bit longer, make sure to bring extra blankets. Wear comfortable clothing like jeans or shorts that don’t restrict your movement. You should also wear cotton socks and shoes inside your tent so that you can enjoy it at its best!

10. Enjoy

Once you are ready with everything in the glamp-tent, you can sit inside the tent and enjoy your trip with friends. Add some pillows on the floor so that you can get comfy while watching television, reading a book or sleeping!


Glamping experience is not an expensive thing, although it adds more beauty to your relationships. It adds more coziness when you have invited your friends or family members.

This article “How to Glamp your tents” is an example of how we can create a beautiful place with some easy steps.