Camping propane tanks are a common source of questions from people about how to dispose of them. Camping propane tanks are often used for cooking, heating, and even lighting at campsites.

When they are no longer needed or wanted by the camper, you need to know how to get rid of them properly. There are a few different methods that you can go about disposing of your old tank so long as it’s empty and clean.

This article offers advice on what steps to take in order for you to do this safely and easily!

How to dispose of camping propane tanks by

How To Dispose Of Old Or Empty Propane Tanks

  • Leave old propane tanks in the car when you purchase new ones. Most gas stations will take back your empty tank free of charge and recycle it for you. They also offer this service to customers who come in with their own full tanks, which can be exchanged for a full one at no extra charge
  •  Exchange your camping propane tanks at most outdoor or camping stores. Outdoor and camping equipment retailers are usually willing to take back used propane tanks that they sold you, so long as it’s brought in with a full tank of the same size
  •  Take your old propane tanks back to where you purchased them from if possible. Most gas stations will not charge for this service or will charge very little. Some locations may even give you a full tank in return for your exchange!
  •  Call local recycling centres to ask if they accept camping propane tanks and what the fee would be for exchanging one (if any). Most places that recycle metal will take back used propane tanks as long as they are empty and cleaned
  •  Contact your local recycling centre to find out if you can recycle camping propane tanks there. Some places allow this, while others do not.

Camping With A Portable Stove

How to dispose of camping propane tanks by

If you are planning on taking a camping stove with you, be sure to bring it back home when finished. This will ensure that the propane tank is properly disposed of and no one gets hurt by accident. Most outdoor equipment retailers offer this service for free or very little money, which makes sense because they would have already made their profit from selling you the camping stove.

Disposing Of Camping Propane Tank Safely

How to dispose of camping propane tanks by
  • When it comes to disposing of propane tanks, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. There is no universal fee for exchanging your tank because the fees depend on location and what company exchanges them. It’s also important that you clean out your camping propane tank before taking it back to avoid any injury or damage.
  • Make sure that you have a full tank before taking it back – don’t just leave an empty one there, or they won’t take it from you!
  •  Take the cleaned propane tanks to your nearest outdoor store, gas station, recycling centre, etc., if possible, as this will ensure maximum safety for everyone involved and is the easiest way to dispose of them.
  • If you can’t take it back anywhere or there’s no fee involved, the safest and most responsible thing to do is leave your old tank at your campsite (if camping) for others who might need one in the future. This will ensure that someone has a propane tank they can use when needed and that no one gets injured by an old, empty tank.
  •  If you have a small propane bottle from your camping stove or another device, this can be recycled at some gas stations if it’s just the smaller bottles that are turned in. The larger ones cannot be accepted because they contain too much fuel for recycling to take place safely.
  • If all else fails and you still have a camping propane tank that needs disposed of or recycled, then simply leave the old tank at your campsite for others who may need one in the future, as this ensures maximum safety for everyone involved.

Tips For Safe Disposal Of Camping Propane Tanks

  • Bring back your camping propane tanks to where you purchased them from. Some locations will charge a very small fee for this service, while others offer it free of charge – be sure to inquire ahead of time so there are no surprises when exchanging your tank!
  •  If you cannot take the camping propane tanks back anywhere due to location or lack of resources, simply leaving them in a safe place at your campsite is also an option. This ensures that people who might need a propane tank can use it, and no one gets injured by an empty or old tank laying around unsupervised.
  •  Clean out the camping propane tanks before taking them back for disposal, so you don’t damage anyone with leftover fuel residue inside of the tanks.
  •  Make sure you have a full tank before taking it back – don’t just leave an empty one there, or they won’t take it from you!
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