Camping on hot summer days is fun, but at the same time, when its get hot inside the tent, it’s not less than a real mess.

Suppose you are camping along with a power source (Generator) or your vehicle where you have access to electricity. In that case, this article is for you, as we are going to tell you how to cool a tent with electricity!

Let’s do it!

There are multiple methods to cool your tent with electricity.

1. Portable AirConditioner

How To Cool A Tent With Electricity

In case you have a portable air conditioner at your disposal (or even just a window A/C), it’s one of the easiest methods to cool a tent. The only issue with this is running power from your car to power it up, which might not be feasible during camping trips away from civilization.

Why use AC?

Using an AC in your tent can be a lifesaver during those hot summer days, but make sure to use it with some caution.

If not used with proper caution and care, you might end up electrocuting yourself, as an AC gives out a good amount of electricity. Hence if your AC is not well grounded, it can cause damage to the tent and yourself. Also, avoid placing it on flammable surfaces like carpets or thin cloths, where the risk of accidentally setting a fire under it exists.

The portable air conditioners also give out a bit of noise, so if you are camping near others who are sleeping in their tents, using an AC is not recommended. There are several portable Airconditioners available in the market which comes with multiple features like dual bladed propellers, auto-cooling and dehumidifying and sleep mode options that will allow you to adjust the temperature inside your tent with a remote. Such devices are pretty expensive, ranging from 300$ for a basic model up to 1000$, So it’s not available on everyone’s budget.

2. Fan

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If you do not have access to a portable air conditioner, another option is to use a cheap 12-volt fan, which is available widely in the market these days for as low as 5$. If you want, we can also help you find one online at Amazon! 🙂

There are multiple benefits of using a fan, like:

Airflow is pretty high on fans, which makes them ideal for hot summer days. It’s one of the cheapest options to cool a tent and also very easy. It can be powered by your car itself or even from a generators’ power supply. Fans are small in size and can be brought easily along with you when you are going camping. Fans are very silent and can be used while camping near other tents.

It’s a matter of preference from person to person, as some people like the flapping sound of the fan blades and some don’t. So it’s better you buy it online or check out stores near you (if you’re in the US) before buying one so that you are sure of its size.

Many people prefer using fans to cool a tent, but if you are one of them, you might have noticed the challenge that comes while trying to keep your tent cool when you are sleeping on it. The reason is that the people’s heat stays inside (generated due to body temperature) and makes your tent warm. I have experienced this many times, and one of my friends suggested I sleep on the floor outside the tent, which is really not a good idea on hot nights in summer during camping trips. So before you buy a fan, make sure to choose it according to your needs and purchase one with adjustable heights so that you can adjust it accordingly.

3. Using Evaporative Cooling Pads

This method is similar to how the evaporative cooler works, which we have discussed in our articles.

In summers, the best option to cool a tent with water is to use evaporative cooling pads (available on eBay and Amazon ). These are cheap and very effective at cooling a tent using water. They absorb an excessive amount of heat from the air by spraying water on them. The more cool pads you use, the more effective it will be.

Cooling pads work on the phenomenon of evaporation, which involves the process of vaporization and condensation of a liquid. When water is sprayed on cooler pads, the water evaporates, cooling down the surrounding air. Cooling pads have a better cooling effect than fans because they make use of more surface area for evaporation and also hold moisture longer than wet towels or rags.

Check out the video below to know how these cooling pads work.

So you can see why using evaporative cooling pads are better than fans when it comes to camping and other activities in hot weather and is also easier to use as it’s cheaper. You can also check out some more videos on youtube on other evaporative cooling pads for your tent or caravan.

4. Electric Humidifier

Electric humidifiers are also a great and cheap option to cool a tent. With this, you can easily create moisture in your tent while sleeping and also keep it cool for long hours. Some humidifiers also have an ionizer function that will add negative ions to the surrounding, which improves the quality of air.

Electric humidifiers can be used both indoors and outdoors for cooling a tent. Some electric humidifiers are portable and small in size, so they can be taken along with you on camping trips or while hiking or travelling.

Others are heavy; you can only take them with you in a car. If you are using them outdoors, make sure to fill them with water before turning them on; otherwise, you may end up burning the heating element of the humidifier.

Humidifiers require very little maintenance, and hence they are preferred as a method to cool a tent over fans or cooling pads.

The major benefit of using an electric humidifier is that it creates moisture in a dry atmosphere, which helps keep a tent cool and improves air quality.