Are you planning to camp with your friends, and afraid of the rain? Well, we got your cover.

With more than 4 years of testing, we have come up with a list of the best tents for heavy rain the waterproof tents.

After performing a number of tests, shortlisting waterproof tents again and again, and even surviving through hard nights. All just for you!

If you want to know more about our tests, you can check here for best tents!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the review of backpacking tents.

Top Pick

ALPS MountaineringTent


Budget Pick

Coleman Cabin Tent


Value to Money

Core 9 Person Extended


5 Best Tent For Heavy Rain Comparison Table

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1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent Camping Tent

SET UP 90%
Main Features / Specifications
  • Brand

    ALPS Mountaineering


    Polyester, Aluminum

    Recommended Uses For Product



    1 Person



    Closure Type


    Product Dimensions

    32 x 90 x 36 inches; 4.2 Pounds

    Pole Material Type


    Maximum Height

    36 Inches

    Floor Area


I am using this waterproof tent for solo traveling for 2 years now. This tent is my choice for its waterproofing abilities, and how good this tent floor is against rain.

The best part is even in snow, you don’t have to worry, the tent structure is pretty strong and gives you complete protection.

Hardware and additional features

The tent comes with a durable center pole mesh storage pockets that can hold heavy wind load, preventing any sagging issues in this waterproof tent. One of the easiest tents to set up, with just 5 minutes for setup, comes with a lot of other features.

A gear loft, a lantern hook, and 2 vestibules are just a few of the tent features that would make your camp life more comfortable.

The waterproof tent also comes with a rainfly that can be detached and used separately. This feature will allow you to use the vestibule regardless of weather conditions

With this rainfly, you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet on those rainy days.

To ensure an undisturbed night’s sleep during windstorms, they have included long-lasting aluminum poles that can withstand strong winds.

On the outer doors, they have added awning-style vestibules for increased weather protection. Also, it provides you with extra storage room if necessary.


Talking about the interior of this tent (inner tent), we have a spacious floor and an upper mesh.

With a total of 2 windows and 1 door, this tent is filled with natural light from day tonight.

Also, a distributed ventilation system will ensure that the tent is well ventilated, even at high temperatures.

Most people who have used this product were happy with it. They mentioned how much they loved how comfortable and roomy it was to be inside their instant cabin tent.

The walls are tall enough for you to sit up straight but not too small that you feel claustrophobic.

With the tent storage pockets, you can always keep your valuable items at hand. No more rummaging through bags during an urgent situation.

I have used this on solo trips in heavy rain, never have I had any issues of water seeping in. With the seam-sealed rainfly, you will be perfectly protected from the pouring waters outside on a camping trip.


The exterior of this tent is as great as the interior, there are 6 guy points on each side of this tent, to hold the tent in strong rain and winds.

A quick-access vestibule will provide extra storage space on a camping trip.

The taut, all-mesh canopy is designed to keep the rain out and condensation down.

I have also used this in snowfall, I was so surprised by how well the tent held against both excessive snow and rainfall. Not even a single drop of water made it onto the floor.

The tent is also very breathable and taut, not even a drop of water made it inside. This was by far the most waterproof tent I have ever used in my life!

The material used in this tent is very good quality and is water-resistant. They have used taped seams to make sure that this tent is completely waterproof.

The aluminum poles of the tent are very strong and can withstand the pressure from strong winds and rains.


The best feature is its ability to keep you dry not with water repellant spray, there will be no leakage of rainwater inside the tent.

This is one of the best tents for heavy rain on a camping trip that you can buy in the market right now, honestly guys this has to be it. You will never have to worry about wet beds at night when it’s raining hard outside.

Priced Affordably

The price is something that anyone would love, even if you are a first-timer in the world of camping, this tent is affordable for you.

To ensure that this product is not damaged during transportation they have sealed all of the zippers with plastic caps and a waterproof carrying bag. This will allow you to use it immediately upon arrival without having to wash them first.

The poles are easy to assemble and can be set up in minutes for rain protection in extreme weather.

They have also included a carry bag for wet weather camping which will make the process of carrying it that much easier. Also, not to forget about the 6 guy points and 2 side vestibules for extra storage space in extreme weather.




To summarize this tent I will say that if you are looking to buy a tent for camping in heavy rain, then this is the one! You will not regret spending your money on this tent.

This is probably the best 1 person tent for backpacking I have ever used.

The high-quality fabric and construction ensure that the interior of the tent remains completely dry even in heavy rains.

The rainfly serves as a very good tool for fighting off heavy rains when needed, while also allowing you to eject heat and moisture when the weather is warm.

This tent was great for cold nights with pouring rain outside. I didn’t get any leaks at all and the vestibules are large enough to store gear too! Perfect!

2. Coleman Cabin Tent

SET UP 90%
Main Features / Specifications





Recommended Uses For Product

Camping & Hiking





Closure Type


Product Dimensions

120 x 107.99 x 72.01 inches; 24.9 Pounds

Is Waterproof 


Special Feature


Fabric Type

150D/150D Polyester/taped seams



This extreme weather tent is famous for its 60 seconds setup time. And I love it, who doesn’t? This is a tent for 6 persons, if you are camping in a group, this thing is just amazing for you.

This tent can be used as a freestanding tent, but it’s always better to hook your tent with the ground if you want some extra protection against wind.


To be frank with you, I have been in this field since 2014 and what I have found is if the material of a tent is not good, it’s not reliable, doesn’t matter how good the company promotes it.

The material of these tents for heavy rain is just amazing, this tent is made up of a water-resistant 150D/150D Polyester, which is the material that all the best tentmakers are using these days.

This thick fabric makes these ultralight tents a real champion when it comes to heavy rain and wind protection. The frame is made up of steel poles combined with shock-corded fiberglass, giving you lots of space to move around.

The weight of this tent is around 24.9 pounds and comes with storage bags at the front for storing your belongings, which is really amazing to use.


The interior of this tent is just amazing, it’s a dome tent, which has 2 doors and 3 mesh windows to let air circulate through the tent. I really liked this thing about it because how we sleep in rain or storm is just amazing!

The tent comes with a tube-style floor design for easy cleaning and drainage, which is really important if you’re planning to camp in the rain.

Coleman also provides you with a full-size bed frame, 3 windows on the ceiling of the tent that provide ventilation and light while keeping bugs out.

The entire tent has an electrical access port for charging gadgets etc.

The darkroom technology used in this tent is always amazing to use because it enhances the privacy of your tent and also reduces light pollution inside.


The exterior of this tent is as good as the interior. It has 2 doors and 2 vestibules for keeping backpacks and other things without any worries about them getting wet or damaged in heavy rain.

The waterproof floor of this tent is just great when it comes to protecting against water, also it’s a good idea to keep the tent door open if you’re sitting inside during bad weather. It lets air move through the tent and keeps you dry.

The poles of this tent are made up of steel, which is really amazing to have. The poles are sewn with the tent fabric for better waterproofing and durability.

The rainfly acts as a great tool when it comes to keeping yourself safe from heavy rains because of the polyethylene material used in this tent. The rainfly features 2 doors that can be opened, closed, or fastened down which is just amazing.

The rainfly comes with windows that allow natural light to reach the inside of the tent, also it has a top vent for airflow.

There are 4 heavy-duty metal stakes, 8 ground stakes, and a carrying bag for this tent. I strongly recommend you to buy them if you don’t have your own.

The tent comes with a 1-year limited warranty, which is not too much but I don’t mind that because Coleman is one of the best companies out there. Because of this great company and their warranties, they have made their buyers loyal to them for years now.

In order to make your tent last long, you must know how to store and take care of it. It is very easy to maintain, here are some points you should know if you don’t want to damage your tent:


As this article is all about the best tent for heavy rain, waterproofing is an important factor. This tent is great at waterproofing, it is made up of polyethylene material. It is very simple to use this tent for camping or festivals, just get inside the tent on time before heavy rains start hitting your area and you will be fine.

The roof and sidewalls of this tent are completely waterproof. The windows have a flap that can be opened or closed for better ventilation even in rainy conditions, but make sure, if the rain is in your direction, opening the windows can cause rainwater to break through the windows.




Let’s be real here, to summarize this tent, it is not only for heavy rainy periods, but it can also be used in hot weather as well with the rainfly off.

If you are a person who loves to go camping or hiking in heavy rain with friends, then this is the best tent for you. It will keep you safe and sound from any weather conditions.

Our tests have shown this tent can do better in snow than rain, so even in heavy snow, you don’t have to worry, just enjoy your time and let this tent do the rest!

3. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

SET UP 90%
Main Features / Technical Specifications
  • Brand



    Durable 68D Polyester

    Recommended Uses For Product

    Camping & Hiking


    9 Person



    Closure Type


    Product Dimensions

    27 x 9 x 9 inches; 18.21 Pounds



    Special Feature

    Water-Resistant, Tent Stakes, Rainfly

    Pole Material Type 


    Is Waterproof 


Camping in big groups? afraid of the rain? no worries, you got our cover.

This 9 person tent is a little different from the first two, but that does not mean it is worse.

For this type of tent, you will need a minimum of 2 people to help you set up the campground.

But once set up, all of you can easily relax and enjoy the weather sitting right inside the tent.


The material used for this tent is high-quality 68D Polyester and polyethylene with taped seams which makes this a watertight tent.

The best part is, you won’t need any external tarps to cover the roof of this tent except rainfly; all you have to do is just keep your straps and guy lines tight all the time.

This tent is made up of two layers: double polyethylene material and mesh for better ventilation during hot weather.

Mesh used in this tent is super strong and will not tear easily. The main purpose of using mesh is to keep the insects out as well as allow free air circulation.

You can enjoy beautiful views right from your window and roof.

Rainfly of this tent is made up of pretty strong material, making sure the tent is intact even in hail storms.


The interior of this tent is pretty spacious and can accommodate up to 8 large people.

It has a peaked roof for your head which makes it easier to move around inside the tent without hitting the top. The center height of this tent is 72 inches. The floor is made up of Oxford Polyester, making sure there are no damages to the bottom part of your sleeping bag or mattress.


The tent is also equipped with windows, so you can get a beautiful view while sitting inside the tent. The windows are pretty large and covered by mesh to keep the insects out.

Inside this tent comes with 3 mesh pockets where you can put your stuff, however, there are no hooks available on the wall of this tent for hanging your clothes and other stuff.

You don’t have to keep your things on the floor. You can always buy a separate storage bag, but if you are planning to use this tent for a long time then it is recommended to buy some extra storage bags.

This comes with 4 windows and 2 doors where you can easily walk in or out of the tent.

Since the tent is pretty big, you and your family members can move freely inside the tent without bumping into each other. Outside pockets on this tent are a plus factor that allows for storage of things like shoes or your trekking kit etc.

The best part about this tent is that it comes with double doors, so if one door gets blocked or stuck then you can easily walk out through the other one.

Tent stakes are strong and durable, so there won’t be a chance of them breaking under pressure. You don’t have to worry about anything since they are pretty heavy-duty.


The exterior of any tent is very important, especially when you are looking for a tent that can be used in heavy rains, it matters a lot.

And to no surprise, we test the exterior of these tents very strictly.

The first important thing to check is that the rainfly fits over the tent perfectly. This is very important because if it doesn’t fit then there are high chances of water seeping in causing damage to your sleeping bag, mattress, and other stuff inside.

The second point we test for the exterior of this tent is whether it can hold up against heavy rain or not.

The Poles of this tent are pretty strong and made of high-quality Fiberglass which is really lightweight. And it also comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer in case you need any replacements.

The stakes used for this tent are pretty durable as they are made up of silicon carbide, so even if you keep them under heavy pressure they won’t snap easily.


The rainfly of this tent is pretty strong and durable. To make sure it can hold up against heavy weather, we tested it in a storm with heavy winds and there were no leakages at all.

The waterproofing in this tent is really good and I am sure you won’t be disappointed with it.

I still remember when we were testing this tent in Thailand, we even had to face heavy rains and it was standing strong against the rain.

This thing was intact!


This tent can hold 9 people, which means you can sleep very comfortably with your friends or family members. It is a little bigger than the first two tents on our top list but it looks more attractive to me!

The dimensions of this tent are 16 feet by 9 Feet.




To summarize things, I would say this is the best 9 person tent I have ever used in heavy rain. I still remember our trip to Thailand, where we tested this tent.

And some of the group members were even surprised at how big the tent was.

And it actually fits so well in my SUV, which is not that big at all!

So if you are looking for a tent that can fit your family of 9 people then you should definitely try this one. I am sure you will love it!

This might look heavy but it is all worth it, if you are not able to carry it alone on a hike, you can split the tent along with your friends.

4. GEERTOP Camping Tent 4 Person 4 Season

SET UP 88%
Main Features / Technical Specifications
  • Brand



    Polyester, Aluminum, Fabric

    Recommended Uses For Product

    Backpacking travel, Hiking & mountaineering, Family camping, Outdoor activities, Business gift


    4 Person



    Closure Type


    Product Dimensions

    94.4 x 82.6 x 53 inches; 9.15 Pounds



    Special Feature

    Portable, Windproof, Waterproof, Lightweight, Pop Up

    Fabric Type Inner tent material

    210 T breathable polyester + high-density fine nylon mesh, 

    Is Waterproof 


    Floor material

    210 D PU 5000 MM Oxford fabric + seam taped, Fly material: 210 T PU 3000 MM anti-tear checkered polyester + seam tapedInner tent material: 210 T breathable polyester + high-density fine nylon mesh, Floor material: 210 D PU 5000 MM Oxford fabric + seam taped, Fly ma… See more

I am in love with this tent for its extra specious vestibule space, and how well they are placed.

This tent hooks with the ground to provide an extra layer of stability to your tent.

I love the way this tent opens up, for parties and for cooking.


The material used in the production of this tent is pretty good as it is made up of high-quality Polyester which will last you a long time.

The poles used in this tent are really strong and they won’t snap under heavy pressure. They are made up of Aluminium, as you know Aluminium is a very strong material and it is also light in weight.

This tent is used by a lot of people as their primary tent.

I have been using this tent for quite some time and I haven’t faced any major issues with it.

Now I am sure you know what Aluminum is – It is light-weight yet super strong at the same

Rainfly is made up of Polyester. The rainfly is very well designed in that way, that it can protect the tent from heavy rains.


Like other tents on our list, the interior of this tent is just as good as its waterproofing abilities.

The flooring is polyester, which is like a thick cloth. Polyester feels really soft and comfortable. And that’s not all!

You will be impressed by the manufacturer’s efforts to make it waterproof. Here is what they have done:

They have added a layer of tarp bottom material on the inside of this tent as well as the rainfly. This ensures that your tent will stay dry even if it rains heavily for some time.

One of the best features about this tent is, there are guylines which help out a lot when you are facing heavy winds and storms. And these guylines can be easily tucked into place with strong hooks.

Sides are kept open so that air can easily come in and out of the tent.

I have been using this tent for a long time now and I haven’t faced any major issues with it.

It is made up of Polyester, which will last you a long time. The size of the guylines can be easily adjusted by just using the ropes that are provided by the manufacturer.

This tent is really well made, sturdy and waterproof which makes it a great buy for its price range.

As the inner tent is made up of 210 T breathable polyester + high-density fine nylon mesh fabric + PVC waterproof coating, the tent is really well ventilated as well.

And in all honesty, this is the best 4-person camping tent for heavy rain and storms that I have ever used.


I just love the exterior of this tent, how cool it looks, how well it has been stitched together. I checked the seams of the tent and they are so well made, that even after using this tent for a long time, you will not see any type of rips or splits in the fabric.

The manufacturer has used high-quality Polyester which won’t let any water seep through from the outside.

You can also adjust the way you want your tent to stand, either it would be a dome or pyramid-shaped tent.

I have been using this for quite some time now and I haven’t faced any issues.

There is a shade available in the tent, you can use the shade to keep the sun out of your eyes. It also keeps you sheltered from sunlight in a place where there is quite less oxygen available.

There are sticks using which you can open the shade, you can adjust the shade as per your needs.

There are 2 entrances to this tent, which is really good as you can go out without disturbing anybody else who is resting in the tent.

And with such strong guy lines holding up this tent, I can tell you that it will withstand even high winds and storms!

I have been using this tent for over 2 years now and still, it is working like new!

When you are not using the rainfly and want to get some air and sunlight, the mesh fabric comes into play.

It saves you from insects and pests like mosquitoes or any other kind of bug.


I have been using this tent for quite some time now, and it is still intact. And just like the previous one on our list, I have used this tent in places where there are not many facilities to repair my tents if something happens.

So there was a time when there were strong winds blowing and the poles got bent a little. And this tent held up really well and stayed intact even after that.

The tent is really well made and will last you for a long time.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is also one thing that I love about this tent. You can use this for a long time without any issues.

In fact, you will be able to set up and take down the tent in no time that too without breaking a sweat. That’s because it comes with everything which is required to set up the tent properly.

All the components are really well-written and are in a logical order, so that even if you have never seen a tent before, still you can set it up without any issues.

This is one of the easiest tents to set up available in this price range.

Compact Size

The size of this tent is also something that I love about it. It has been designed to keep its weight as low as possible.

So you can easily carry it around without any issues at all. You won’t have to worry about setting up a big tent, carrying heavy things in your backpacks and other stuff like that.

This will make your camping experience really easy and hassle-free if you are someone who goes on long trips regularly or likes to camp in isolated places like I do.

The tent is really compact, and you can carry it around easily without any issues at all.


Well, I am sure most of you would be thinking that there’s not going to be much comfort in a rainfly tent because the primary function of any rainfly tent is to keep the water out.

However, when you use this one, then you will realize that it offers much more than just water resistance.

I have been using other tents as well before I bought this one, and I have to say that you get a better feeling of comfort when using this one.




Well, there is much in this tent, I don’t know how to summarize this, that’s why I have added a video review as well.

In the end, I would like to say that if you are thinking of buying the Best tent for heavy rain for 4 persons, then this one is going to be one of the best choices available in the market right now.

The price may seem high at first look, but when you see how much value you are getting for the price, then it’s actually a pretty good deal.

5. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL

SET UP 88%
Main Features / Technical Specifications
  • Brand

    Big Agnes


    Nylon, Fabric

    Recommended Uses For Product



    4 Person


    Olive Green

    Product Dimensions

    30 x 10 x 8 inches; 5.51 Pounds

    Age Range (Description) 


    Special Feature

    Sun Protection, Rainfly

    Pole Material Type



    Camping Tent

Big Agnes is famous for making some great tents, especially when it comes to rain tents performance, this brand has a good reputation.


This brand is highly recommended for those who want a really good rainfly tent.

If you are planning to go hiking in the monsoon season, then this one can be your companion. Just like any other Big Agnes tent, this one too is made with 100% waterproof material and it’s built using some of the best-in-the-business components.

This tent can be set up in a matter of minutes and you will not need any help while setting it up if you are used to doing this stuff.

The rain fly features an extended vestibule, where you can keep your gears organized during the monsoon season without getting them wet or damaged by the weather conditions.


The material used in this tent is of the highest quality. I have used this product for over two years now, and it’s still good as new.

The material is highly durable and water-resistant, so you can easily use this tent in any weather condition without worrying about rain or storms anymore.

The inner of this tent is made up of waterproof Fabric, and the floor is made with silicone-coated polyester fabrics, which are highly durable and water-resistant.

Because of these features, even if you set up this tent during the rainy season or during a storm, you will not have to worry about any waterlogged areas inside your tent.

The poles of this tent are made with high-quality aluminum material. This is a type of material that won’t rust or corrode in any weather condition.

Because of this, you can use the tent during the rainy season without worrying about the durability of your poles.


The interior of this tent is pretty specious, it has an area of 57 sq Feet, pretty spacious for 4 person camping.

There are 2 doors in this tent, which allows easy access to both ends of the tent.

There is an array of pockets inside the tent, which adds to its functionality and usefulness.

If you are looking for a spacious tent for 4 person camping, then this one is going to be a great pick for you.

Rain Fly

The rain fly used in this tent has two vestibule openings, which are pretty big. The vestibules are made with high-quality waterproof materials and can store a lot of things inside them.

If you want to keep your gears organized during the camp, then this tent is going to be very useful for you in that regard.

This rainfly also features a bunch of vents that allow air circulation inside the tent. These vents are useful for escaping the damp smell of the tent during the rainy season.

The rain fly is attached to the tent with Velcro, which makes setting up and taking down this tent easier than all other similar tents in the market right now.

Rainfly Design is great to have in a tent during monsoon season because it prevents any water from entering inside the tent.

I highly recommend this rain fly design if you are planning to use a tent for the rainy season.

Assembling and Disassembling

Setting up this tent is very easy, if you have set up similar tents before, then you can do it easily in less than 3 minutes.

If you have never set up a tent before, then you will need some practice, but after setting this one for the first time, you will be able to set any similar tent up in the rainy season within 60 seconds if you struggle. It’s that easy!

I highly recommend reading the instruction manual before setting up this tent.

The instruction guide is written very well and it will make your work a lot easier while setting the tent.

This can be used by 4 people, and there is enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably inside the tent. The poles of this tent are made from good materials, so you don’t have to worry about them getting rusted in any weather condition.

The materials used in this tent are of the highest quality and they won’t get damaged even if you use them for prolonged camping seasons during the rainy season.

Affordable Price

This is a very economical product, considering all its features and uses. You can get this tent at a very reasonable price, and there are no additional costs involved in shipping this tent to your doorstep.




Well, I will not say much about this tent, I have already explained a lot, however again, I have personally tested this tent twice and the results are just awesome, I never experienced any sort of discomfort even after using this in a rain for 8 hours.

So if you are looking for the best tent for heavy rain or even for all-around use, then I would say that you should definitely opt for this one. It’s worth every single penny that you spend on this.

Please make sure you check our test results for this tent, to get a better idea about the quality of this tent.


I hope you have got more knowledge about the best tent for heavy rain by reading this article. If you think I missed anything, tell me in the comments below.

You can also read my other article about the best tents for rain. I will write more articles on the topic if you want me to. So just let me know by commenting below.


Q. Is it safe to use a tent in heavy rain?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to use a tent in heavy rain.

Q. What is the best tent for heavy rain?

 The best tent for heavy rain would depend on your priorities: from lightest weight to most durable. Among my selection of tents below the 3-person Marmot Limelight (5 lbs 5 oz) is the lightest, but it’s not freestanding. My favorite 3-season tent for heavy rain is the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV2 Platinum (4 lbs 10 oz).

Q. Can a tent withstand a storm?

A tent and a rain fly should withstand a storm, assuming it’s pitched or staked securely. The fabric for most tents today is highly waterproof, however, I have at times witnessed the effects of prolonged weathering by sandblasting (excessive blowing particles) on the fabric of my tents – above all on seams – causing small holes in the fabric.

Q. How to check if a tent is waterproof?

A waterproof rating is a good start. A tent should withstand the weather in its category (e.g. a 4-season tent for heavy rain should be able to withstand all 4-seasons – well, most of them at least).

Q. How often should I service my gear?

 Depending on how much you use it, it would be a good idea to think about servicing your tent at the start of each season.

Q. Is it possible to patch a hole in my tent?

Yes, with the right materials and some skills you can make a DIY repair. The key is not to further damage the fabric while repairing the hole – e.g. using tape. But do it at your own risk – I’m not responsible if you make a mess of it.

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