Are you newly married? Or planning to have a camping trip with your girlfriend? This article is for you, here we have made a list of the best tent for couples or backpacking tents.

 It was not easy, this review was one of the most difficult reviews for us, who want to work when you are with your loved ones.

However, We finally did it, after 2 years for the backpacking tents!

 We have performed a number of tests on more than 19 camping tents and finalized the following best camping tents as they performed really well.

Top Pick

ALPHA CAMP 2/3 Person Camping Dome Tent


Budget Pick

Pacific Pass Camping Tent 2 Person Family


Value to Money

KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent


5 Best Tent For Couples Comparison Table

Infographic of Best Tent for couples

Best Tent For Couples by

1. ALPHA CAMP 2/3 Person Camping Tents

SET UP 85%
Main Features / Technical Specifications


2 Person

Recommended Uses For Product

Backpacking, Camping


Polyester, Fiberglass, Taffeta, Fabric





Closure Type




Is Waterproof


Special Feature

Portable, Waterproof, Lightweight, UV protection, Rainfly

Pole Material Type


This is a cheap, yet very durable backpacking tent for camping with your partner when you are traveling with your partner. There are multiple factors we have to take care of.

We have to manage weight, check for safety, and on top of all that we have to make sure the tent we are choosing is durable enough.

This Alpha car camping tent checks all of these points. Perfect for couples for a camping trip.


The interior of a backpacking tent is the part we interact with most of the time. It should look good, feel good as well as should be capable enough to save us from calamities.

Well, in this camping tent we have an area of 7 feet by 6 Feet, which comes to 42 sq Feet, fair enough space for 2.

Another factor we have to take care of is the height of the backpacking tent. I know some people ask for tents that are as high as their rooms, but take a minute and think, it has to stand without any support. 

A sudden blow of wind can wrap up your fair weather camping tent, keeping that in mind, this tent has a precise height of 42 inches, you can easily sit in it, chill or eat food.

To avoid the camping tents from blowing must check this article.

This tent has big pockets where you can store your important stuff like a passport, wallet or anything. The central hanging hook allows you to light up your tent with a lamp or torch.

The Interior base and most of the tent are made up of Polyester taffeta fabric with eco-friendly PU coating. That makes sure you have good protection against harsh sun rays.

As this is a 3 season car camping tent,  half the walls of the other tents are made up of mesh fabric. That allows continuous ventilation through the tent.

The other half (The lower one ) is made up of waterproof fabric tent walls. The company has done it very intelligently to avoid splashes of rain and other things.


The exterior of this tent feels very solid as soon as you hold the camping tent in your hands.

 This car camping tent is based on a pole system. Poles are the single thing that helps the tent to keep in its shape. The Poles of this tent are made up of high-grade fiberglass. 

 This fiberglass has the quality to stay in its shape up to temperatures of 67 Degrees.


The overall shape of this tent is just like a dome. That does not allow light snow and rainwater on backpacking tent stay on the roof of the tent.

There is a mud mat provided by the company that allows you to clean your feet before you enter the main body of the tent.

To cover the backpacking tent from extensive rain and sand storms, a rain fly comes inside the package. Just open that and you can easily set that up with your tent body.

This is a freestanding backpacking tent but if you opt to use the rain fly as well then you have to hook the rain fly with the ground so that you are completely protected by rain.


Waterproofing camping tent on this thing is really good. We have tested this thing under heavy rain, the test went for almost 7 hours and this tent got a 9/10 for waterproofing.

One thing I miss is vestibule space, there is no vestibule space in this tent. You have to store all of your stuff inside the tent.



This backpacking tent is made for couples, keeping them in mind. Best for sitting and enjoying for longer durations of time.

This backpacking tent has all the bells and whistles that you can ask for.

3 of our team members have tested this tent, all of them gave the same positive response for this tent.

Small items are well organized in this tent, along with electric port access, this is the best camping tents and other tents for couples.

2. Pacific Pass Camping Tents 2 Person Family Dome Tent

SET UP 91%
Main Features / Technical Specifications



Recommended Uses For Product

Backpacking, Camping


Polyester Fiberglass 


Pacific Pass


Navy Blue

Closure Type


Item Weight

5.72 Pounds



Is Waterproof


Special Feature

Portable, Waterproof, Lightweight, Rainfly

The second camping tent on our list is very easy to carry.

I just love the packaging of these budget camping tents, you can easily carry this storage space tent around, without much hassle.

This storage space tent is designed for comfort, the most asked factor in tents.

The interior space is very good. Overall this tent is a great pick, A great combination of both durability and comfort at the same time.



The interior of this camping tent is LIT.

Looks great, feels extremely cosy! The floor area of this tent is 82.7 inches by 82.7 inches.

 The total floor space on this tent is around 47.3 Sq Feet, Fair enough for a couple who is camping on a budget.

 The interior of this budget tent is made up of Polyester that resists water entering inside the tent.

 As this is a multi-season budget tent so As expected this tent has a mesh Sunroof. You can stay away from those dangerous mosquitoes as well as enjoy beautiful views right from the ambiance of your camping tent.

The interior center height of this camping tent is 47 inches, fair enough to sit and cuddle. What else can a couple ask for?


The main thing you see when you see this camping tent from outside is rainfly, as this tent comes with a mesh sunroof, and being a multi-season tent, it’s necessary for this tent to have something to cover that mesh sunroof.

Rainfly comes along with the camping tent, fabric used in rain fly is very good, and the size of rainfly is big enough to stop rain coming from any direction.

I had this issue in the past with some camping tents or other tents, where a rainfly was not able to stop the rain with its raining at a certain angle.

Thanks to the manufacturer!

I had camped for more than 9 days in this camping tent. Being a couple, I was not in a position to do a lot of work and put in as much effort as I can when I am alone or with my friends.

This tent has an extremely well-made exterior, seems super strong, no water drops even dare to enter the tent.

Setup And portability

This thing is freestanding when you are not using a rainfly, so you can easily move the camping tent around for privacy or to change the view you have.

Once you have attached the rainfly with this thing, you have to hook the rainfly with the ground, so that Incase of a sudden wind storm both of your rainfly and camping tent are secured.

I have asked more than a million times my friends and couples to hook the tent to the ground. It adds an extra layer of security against storms and rain.

 Adding this one extra security can save your tent from blowing away in the air.

 Setting up this tent is very easy, You can easily set up this tent within minutes, like in our setup test for this tent, we let 12 newbies set up this tent (They don’t have experience in setting up tents) and the average setup time came to be 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

Well, that is pretty fast, and if you are a couple. Then this time can be reduced to a half.



For this tent, I can easily write more and more about its features and use cases, but for now, I will keep it short.

This thing is really useful when you are hanging out with your wife or girlfriend.

This test perfectly passed all of our tests and that is the reason we have kept this tent at our 2nd place.

3. KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tents

SET UP 90%
Main Features/ Technical Specifications


2 Person

Recommended Uses For Product

Backpacking, Parties, Camping


210-T Rip-stop fabric, Fiberglass





Closure Type


Fabric Type

210T Rip-Stop Fabric

Package Dimensions

20.5 x 6 x 6 inches; 8.1 Pounds



Is Waterproof


Camping on a beach, or a viewpoint, this tent should be your go-to! Full stop!

This tent is a no-brainer, for sure if it is on the list of best tents for couples, it must have some good qualities and features in it.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the review of this goldmine. (Kidding)


Talking about the interior of this tent, the tent floor area on this 2 person tent is around 46.69 sq Feet. Pretty good for a couple.

Small pockets inside the person tent help you store your small stuff like your phone, wallet, and power banks.

There is a hook available in the roof using which, you can easily hang your lamp or anything else to light up your tent.

Inner seams are double protected in this thing, so that entry of water is not possible.

Tents do have mesh windows to get a nice view right from your tent floor. These are made up of good material. How do I know this?

I always test windows by touching them again and again. We have a window test in which we perform multiple operations on windows and make sure if the mesh used in the window can withstand these tests.

As this is an Igloo-shaped tent, females are more likely to get in love with this tent. The height of the tent is another factor we have to take care of when we are choosing the best tent for couples.

 The Center height of these dome tents is 53 cm, which comes to be more than 4 feet. Yes, you can not stand in this tent, but you can easily sit up and chill.


Believe it or not, the durability of any pop up tent depends 90% on how good the exterior of the tent is, this is because all the major calamities are faced by the exterior of a tent.

There are 2 doors available, you can use your separate door to enter and exit the tent floor. This is a blessing for me at least!

The tent is consists of a 2 pole mechanism system. Which are diagonally crossed to provide the tent stability and grip on the ground.


Exterior, as well as rainfly of this person tent, is made up of 210T Rip-stop fabric, best known for waterproofing. Rainfly is just available for the roof of the tent, not for all of it.

This tent is tested for up to 3000 mm rain/ water. Poles on this pop up tent are made up of fiberglass. This material can withstand for a long time, just keep it away from direct heat, like camping neat to a fireplace and using extreme heating instruments in the tent.

 All the zips from windows to doors are completely protected with an external lid that discourages the direct contact of rain and water with zippers.

Rainfly is just available for the roof of the pop up tent, not for all of the tent. Despite that, you don’t have to worry about the waterproofing and wind issues in this tent.

We have tested this tent in India and North America more than 3 times, not even a single time we faced any issue regarding the durability and waterproofing of this person tent.




This 2 person tent is a real deal. Best for couples, with ultimate pleasure. The nature of this tent fits well with the nature of couples. 

It is very easy to set up, durable, and water-resistant, this is a thing you can easily rely on camping trips.

That is one of the biggest reasons for selecting this tent in our list of best tents for couples.

Camping is not just about living in a remote place, camping is all about having an adventure, having comfort, and enjoying the place.

This tent makes sure you can relax, enjoy and energize at the same time.

4. Bessport 2 Person Tent for Camping Tents

SET UP 87%
Main Features / Technical Specifications


2 Person small tents

Recommended Uses For Product

Backpacking,  Camping






2P-Light Grey

Closure Type


Package Dimensions

17.2 x 8.74 x 6.61 inches; 5.2 Pounds



Is Waterproof


Number 4 on our list of best tents for couples is a lightest tent with great vestibule space.

It is a 4 season tent, with great ventilation, inclement weather, and water resistance.

Well to be frank every tent on our list is one of the best of its kind. As this one.

Let’s jump into the details of these compact tents and let me show you how this could be the camping tent you are looking for on your next camping trip.


Dimensions of this camping tent are 86 x 48 x 43 in / 220 x 120 x 110 cm. Pretty good space for a couple.

For a good instant tent, it is necessary that it should have an airy interior, it should have something that can relax you.

There are 2 doors in this tent, you can easily use your own door, as I have been doing all of my life.

The center height in this quality tent is 43.5 Inches, which is good for a person like me who is under 6 feet. But if you are more than 6 feet, then it can be tricky for you to sit straight in this tent.

Ventilation is just amazing in these cheap tents. If you don’t like the direct contact of air, but at the same time you like to have a ventilated tent, just like me! Mate this tent is for us.


Lemme explain it to you!

These best ultralight tents has half-meshed walls on the upper end of the tent, so if you are sleeping in the tent, you don’t have any direct contact with the wind coming in.

However, at the same time, this thing can be a deal-breaker for you in hot summers weather protection. But this tent is made to be used in normal and cold weather.

The base of the tent is made up of strong fabric, that makes sure there is no water intake from the bottom of the tent.

We have used this tent mostly in sand and mountains. If you are camping in sand or beech, you don’t need a mattress, but in mountains, you surely need a mattress if you want to have a sound sleep.


The exterior of this cheaper tents are multi usable, you can use the tent as a tarp, by using the rainfly only, you can use the tent as a storage space.

Best place to store your stuff, even if you have completely set up the budget tents, you have a pretty wide vestibule space. 

In case of rain, you can store your hiking kits, shoes, and other extra equipment you need to save from water.

Poles on this thing are made up of Aluminum, making sure the tent is stable and well elastic to a specific limit.

Poles are pretty strong and withstand any heavy wind or storm. As we were testing this tent in the Dubai desert, at night we faced a huge sand storm, it was so heavy that once it ended our tents were half-buried in the sand.

But the good thing is, even in this storm tent poles were intact and the fabric was not damaged.

On the top of the rainfly, we have a ventilation duct, that ensures the supply of air inside the tent in rain and snow.


This is a freestanding tent, but until you decide to use the rainfly, as soon as you are going to use the rainfly, you have to hook it to the ground.

Setting up this tent is very easy, as we have done our setup test with this tent twice, the average setup time for beginners is less than 3 minutes.

Thanks to the quick and snappy aluminum poles design that enables such a quick setup.

 As this is a freestanding tent, you can move the peak height of tent anywhere without closing it completely. This thing helped me a lot especially when we had a sudden hail storm.

Pro Tip: Never test your tent in hail storms, these family tents are not made for that. As soon as you see a hail storm, quickly find a place or tree where you can take shelter.




We are living in an era of inventions to store gear of camping so all the tents, we need more and more comfort, value to money, and obviously reliability.

This interior space tent has all of those, we are very picky about what we share with you. We have tested more than 11 tents to finalize this list of best tents for couples. And most of them were on the 1st stage.


Just because we don’t want to share anything that can ruin your beautiful trip.

This tent is up to our standards, I have personally used this tent multiple times and found it very useful.

One thing I would really like to add up here is care, you need to take care of everything, even if you buy a million-dollar tent still you need to take care of it.

So I recommend you to take care of your weather protection tents, dry them before storing them, as they are your second home.

5. Coleman Sundome Dome Camping Tents

SET UP 78%
Main Features/ Technical Specifications


2 person tent floor space




7 by 5 feet

Center Height

48 inches




Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet

Tent Material

Polyester mesh 75D inner tent




Limited 1-year warranty


8.5mm fiberglass

Coleman has been famous for making great camping tents for weather protection rain fly years now. You can not complain about the quality of these tents.

That is the only reason why this only one door tent has been sold more than 2 Million times on amazon.

When we see something like this, we increase our tests on that specific thing. We take such products an extra mile to make sure that the claims made by the company are right or wrong about these smaller tents.

The same we did with this camping tent body.

Results were good, almost 95% of the company claims are right.

Let’s find out more about this tent!

The thing I like the most about this tent camp chairs small folding size. This thing becomes very little when you fold it and pack it in a bag. That makes it very easy to take with you.

Spacious Interior

If you are planning to camp in warm weather, this tent is for you, with wide windows and doors, this helps in entering a lot of fresh air into the tent, with a ground vent, hot air is pushed towards the top of the tent that is then replaced by fresh air.

The floor area of this thing is 35 Sq Feet, with a center height of 48 inches. I love sitting and chilling inside a tent. So this center height is very important for me at least.

There are multiple pockets in many tents like this one is a very convenient location, where you can store your stuff, as well as you can slide your phone in them.

The hook on the roof allows you to hang your lamp and other stuff to light up your tent. This is a real deal!

There is an E-Port that allows the entry of electric power inside the tent or other tents on short backpacking trips.

I love the large size window on this thing, this bigger window allows the most air to come inside the tent for better ventilation.

There are multiple pockets inside the tent that we can use to store (gear storage) our stuff, and they are pretty tough.


The exterior frame of any tent is the backbone of the tent, if the external frame is not tough enough, your tent will not withstand even light wind.

This tent has a frame structure and poles made up of fiberglass. Very strong and lightweight at the same time.

Fiberglass poles are responsible for creating elasticity intent and producing endurance against wind storms.

The outer fabric of the tent is also another factor that plays an important role in the durability of any tent. The company has used Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet fabric. 

This fabric usage guarantees the blockage of water, all the zippers and seams on this tent are inverted and double locked to stop the entry of any water drops.

Poles are very well hooked with a affordable tent, there are multiple hooks on the tent, making sure the shape of the tent is intact.

When we talk about the water-resistance of this tent’s floor, how can we forget the rainfly? This tent doesn’t come with a full rainfly, but the half rainfly that comes with this tent is very durable and very effective camping trips.

In my stay of 4 days in the north, There was not even a single event when I had complaints about this rainfly.

This is a freestanding usable space in the tent, even with rainfly on, I have moved this tent several times, but please avoid dragging the tent against the hard surface when there is a bunch of stuff inside the tent.

This tent floor doesn’t come with a footprint, I have personally emailed the company to add a footprint in the package. But till then you can use an external footprint for this tent wet, this will increase the life of your family tent.

Setup and Performance

Setting up this own tent is a 10-12 minutes process, if you do it 2-3 times as I did, you can do it faster, and after multiple time usage, it becomes easy for poles to adjust according to the best tents.

The polyethylene used on the floor of the tent is just amazing, it doesn’t get too warm or too cold in different weathers.

Also, protect you from bacterias and germs if you are winter camping in muddy areas.


Final Verdict

All of these and many camping tents are carefully tested and shortlisted from a list of multiple tents. We are always willing to provide you with some value, in any form, if you make the right decision reading our reviews and it helps you make your trip more comfortable and how much space you need, there is nothing more than this!


Q. What is a waterproof tent?

Waterproof tents are designed to protect people from the water, which should be expected in all forms.

Many companies make their tents waterproof, using some kind of jel or waterproof fabric.

Q.Can I use a couple of tents for normal use?

 Yes, you can! These tents are specifically designed for couples and families. It is durable and easy to assemble.

Q. Do I need a tent?

If you plan on camping or just hanging out at the beach, a tent is necessary. They are also useful during flash floods or small quick tornados.

The first step for selecting the best tent is to figure out how many people will be using it.

Q. When should I buy a new tent?

The best time to buy a tent is when you are planning on going camping or when there is an expectation of rain.  It’s always good to have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t look so good.

Q. What are the most important factors for buying a tent?

Size, price, and what you plan to use it for are all essential when looking to buy a new tent.  If you can decide on these three things, get the best tent for your purposes!

Q. How often should I clean my tent?

Tents should be cleaned after every use to ensure it lasts long and doesn’t get ruined from mold or mildew growth. Most tents are considered waterproof, but they aren’t resistant to mold. If you have a waterproof tarp, the inside of the tent can dry faster than expected.

Q. How do I clean my tent?

  If the tent is waterproof, all you have to do is wipe the outside of it down with a cloth and warm water. This should remove any dirt, dust, or loose fabrics from the tent. If there are stains from mold or mildew, you should use bleach on them. If the tent is not waterproof, you should probably find a new one.

A good tent helps to ensure that everyone stays dry if there is any kind of rainfall or flooding.

Q. How do I set up my tent?

 It’s best to watch some videos on youtube so that you can see how it’s done. Sometimes there are directions on the side of the box, which is just as good.

Tents for couples can be small and compact or large enough to fit a family. They have all kinds of special features, such as being waterproof, portable with easy setup, or even having extra rooms for more privacy.  

Q. What tent should I buy for my family?

When you are looking to get some new tents, first figure out how many people will be using them and how often you plan on going camping or traveling. Then decide if you want a larger tent or something that is portable and easier to set up. This will make the buying process much easier!

Best Tent for Couples Based On User Review