Looking for a best budget backpacking tents? Well, everyone is looking these days.

No big deal!

The question is whether the budget backpacking tent you are purchasing will survive in the environment you are camping in?

We are here to answer this question, with a list of tents that we have personally tested in different conditions. After this, you will be able to choose what is the best budget backpacking tent for you!

Let’s jump right into it for best budget backpacking tent.

Before we start, I would like to explain some tests to you that we have performed on a budget backpacking tent and these tents.

Top Pick

Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking Tent


Budget Pick

BISINNA 2 Person Camping Tent


Value to Money

KAZOO Family Camping Tent


6 Best Cheap BackPacking Tents Comparison Table

Infographic Of Best Cheap BackPacking Tents

Best Cheap Backpacking Tents By hikingrange.com

Rain Test

In this test, we leave the tent in rain and storm for 1 day straight and after that we notice how the tent performed in it.

Stability Test

In this test, we take the tent to a location where the air is flowing up to 50 miles per hour and see how is the stability of a specific tent.

Durability Test

The durability test is performed by renting these best budget backpacking tent to multiple hikers and backpackers, they use the tent in multiple locations and environments, after we get the tent back we check the tent on an 11 point checklist.

Now you understand the terms, let’s get our 1st budget tent.

1. Featherstone Outdoor Budget Backpacking Tent

SET UP 95%
Main Features / Technical Specifications
  • This budget backpacking tent is made up of nylon
  • The weight of this tent along with all accessories is 3.87 pounds
  • The trail weight of this tent is 2 pounds
  • This is a 3 season budget tent
  • This budget tent comes with a Noseeum mesh

Well Well, Here is your most awaited 1 person tent, that fits your budget and is super lightweight!

When it comes to solo camping and hiking, one thing that we all love to have is less weight. This tent is exactly what you were looking for.

With a trail weight of just 2 pounds, you get a complete 3 season tent. Along with a footprint!

Seems Good?

Yes, it is. One of our friends, Mike, went on an expedition last month. He asked me what I should carry with me, I suggested this tent, he camped for over 13 days in the wilderness and came back.

Here is what he has to say about this tent.

“What a perfect shape, nothing like this, This tent let me see what I want, I used it with an air mattress and felt like I am home”

Then Right after that, I tested this tent twice with my team as I was not convinced earlier, and came back with the same results.

For 1 person this is the best cheap backpacking tent. Period.


This budget tent is made up of nylon, most of the interior and exterior is well intact and durable. Seems to be well done, and the silicon treatment done all over the tent improves the water-resistant abilities of this tent.

The Pole structure of this tent is a single structure that allows you to set up the tent very quickly and without much hassle.

Another big benefit of this structure is portability, you can change the position of the budget tent without disassembling it.

This is a semi freestanding tent, we can use this in a situation where wind flow is not too much. But if there is wind above 30 MPH, you should hook the tent in the ground to make sure the air doesn’t take the tent with it.


The interior of this budget tent is very comfortable, the central hub design of the walls makes sure you have enough central space to sit and relax.

But you can not put your weight on the walls, as they are not supposed to handle that.

This is a 3 season convertible tent, so there is a lot of net area in this tent, that allows the air to flow in the tent and lets you enjoy the view.

As this is a 1 personal tent so you get only one door.

You can close the door both from inside and outside of the tent, as it is a double zipper door. 

The company has done a lot of work in making the aesthetics of this tent good, there is a hook in the center that is used to hang a lamp or a torch.

Tent Poles and structure

The structure of this budget tent is a single hub base. There is a single junction point in the tent that is right above your head, trekking poles are attached to the tent with the help of hooks on the main body of the tent.

As it is a single-person tent so it is very easy to set up this tent.

I know many people complain about the tent setup and setup time, but we tested this tent, we asked newbies to set up this tent, the average time it took for a newbie to set up this tent completely was 4.5 Minutes, without any assistance.

That’s impressive, right?

Rainfly on this budget tent can be fitted very easily, you just have to hook that to the foot of the tent and tighten them, and you are good to go.


Now let’s talk about the exterior of this beauty. For a single person, this tent has much to offer. When you are camping alone, you have a lot of stuff to carry with you. The question that comes to mind is where to store all that stuff at night?

Well, this tent does have plenty of vestibule space.

You can easily keep your dirty shoes and wet clothes in it. On top of that, the rain fly of this tent does have a window for ventilation, to make sure you don’t suffocate while you sleep.

With a proper footprint, the tent becomes water-resistant to almost all weather except heavy snow. We have tested this tent in the rain for 2 days and the results are shocking.

Even in heavy rain, it worked well.



Solo camping is just like a day in heaven. But if you don’t have a good camp or place to relax, this is incomplete.

To make sure that everything goes in a proper manner as we have planned, we should never compromise on our gear and setup. This tent is a trustable cheap tent for a single person.

I usually don’t recommend things instantly, I only recommend when I find something worth talking about.

You get a 2-pound budget tent, with a rain fly, footprint, and waterproofing, What else you can ask for! to camp on beautiful mountain views and enjoy a beautiful evening with your own company.

2. BISINNA 2 Person Camping Tent Lightweight Budget Backpacking Tent

SET UP 90%
Main Features / Technical Specifications
  • The packed size of this budget backpacking tent is 16.9”x5.9”x5.9′
  • Multi-Season Tent
  • Waterproof Seam taped
  • 2 Way Zippers
  • Bug Protection
  • The weight of this tent is 4.72lbs (including accessories)
  • This tent is PU 2000mm water-resistant

To be frank, it was a very hard decision for me to place a tent in 2nd position. There were multiple choices and good options, but this tent finally won.

Camping with your loved one is the favorite part of life, at least for me, I go camping with my girlfriend very often.

For us, a 2 person tent is enough, and this tent is a beauty! A real Gem!


The company has developed this tent with great care! The material used in the manufacturing of this tent was properly tested beforehand. 

If we talk about the interior of the tent, it is made up of 190T Polyester Taffeta+B3, this material is beast, No air/water can come through this, on top of that, this material is very strong, even if you have kids and they play with this tent, you don’t have to worry about the durability of this tent.

Rainfly of this tent is made up of 190T Polyester Taffeta and guarantees PU2000mm water-resistant, you can sleep in this tent without worrying about water leakage.

The Trekking Poles of this tent are made up of aluminum, they are pretty flexible and strong. We have tested this tent for straight 3 days camping on a mountain with a wind speed of 70 miles per hour, and even after that, the tent was pretty good. As good as new.


The Interior of any backpacking tent is very important for me at least, because most of the time you have to sit or sleep inside the tent.

So why not make sure the tent is good from inside as good from outside?

The thing I like the most about the interior of this tent is its double doors. This tent has double doors, double windows for a perfect summer camp.

The breathable mesh is something that saves you from bugs and mosquitos and at the same time lets the fresh air get into the backpacking tent.

Ventilation windows are available on each side, believe me, this is a blessing for a 2 person tent to have your own door and window because you don’t have to crawl over your partner to get out of the tent.

A tent has multiple pockets to store your stuff as well as in the center tent has a hanging point where you can hang your lamp and read some good books while enjoying the view.

This is a 3 season tent and has much room for 2 persons, so yes, if you are a couple you can easily fit in it and enjoy your day!


Talking about the exterior of this backpacking tent, as this tent comes with a mesh structure, there is a separate rain fly over that, if you want that you can put that on, otherwise you can use the tent without the rain fly.

This structure is very beneficial if you are planning to camp in a humid place, as it will allow the air to pass through your tent at the same time it can protect you from rain.

As this is not a big tent so we can not expect something crazy from it, the only thing you can complain about this tent is short vestibules.

Vestibules are used to keep your dirty shoes or bags separate from your sleeping area, but in this tent that space is too tight.

I was hardly able to put my shoes there.

This is a free-standing budget tent, however, we have to hook it to the ground. It has 4 tent poles which are pretty stable and strong, This tent was rated as 8/10 in our durability test.

So yeah, pretty strong!

The walls of this tent are not leaning towards your head! So yes, you can sit and relax inside the tent without thinking much about snapping your head into the walls.



If you are a couple or 2 people hiking around, This backpacking tent is for you, with merely above 2 KG this thing is very easy to carry around, we can easily take this thing anywhere we want.

With the multi-weather capabilities of this backpacking tent, You can enjoy every weather without thinking much about your campsite!

The reason for suggesting this tent to you is because this tent is my camping go-to every time I go with my girlfriend.

One thing you need to remember, though it is a free-standing tent, but It would be better for you to hook it with the ground, wind over 60 MPH can pull the tent with it if it is not hooked with the ground.

3. KAZOO Family Camping Tent Large Waterproof Pop Up Tent

SET UP 85%
Main Features / Technical Specifications
  • Total height of this budget backpacking tent in 1.45 Meter
  • Weight including Accessories is 11.9 LBS
  • 3 people can sleep in it
  • Comes with an external shade/ Rainfly

Are you a family of 3, no matter friends, husband, wife and a kid, or even brothers? This tent is obviously for you.

I know I may do something extra on this tent, but it is completely worth it. 

This tent is a 3 season tent, with multiple options to enjoy your camping, it can be converted into multiple shapes and sizes.

There is much to cover in this ten, so without further ado let’s jump right into the material of this tent.


The material of a backpacking tent is very important, if a tent is not made up of some good material we can not expect any good performance from that tent.

Kazoo made this multi-door tent with Polyester fabric, that is waterproof up to a whopping 3000 MM.


At 1st I thought this is a joke, then when we took this tent on a 4-day camping trip, I came to know this is a beast with some hidden qualities (I will be discussed below)

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The trekking Poles of this tent are made up of Aluminum, which makes sure the total weight of the tent remains on a lower end.

Zippers on this thing are double-sided to make sure you can close the doors from both sides.


The interior of this backpacking tent is pretty good and comfortable for 3 people. The best thing I like about this tent is its height, this is a pretty high tent and I can easily stand in it, you yeah, you can do your dance parties in it!

This tent has pockets where you can store your phone and other stuff, also there is a hanging point where you can hang your stuff like a lamp or anything to light your tent.

This is kinda a dome-shaped tent, so the walls of this tent don’t snap with your head!

I have been in this tent for 3 days on and off. If you are using an air mattress or a polyester fluffy sheet in this tent, it becomes so much more comfortable. 

Also, the tent has 2 windows that are made up of breathable mesh fabric same as the doors. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the view at the same time.


This tent is based on a central pole hub system, there are a total of 4 poles in this tent, all of them are joined in the center to make sure the tent is intact and in its proper shape.

Poles are attached to the body of the tent with the help of clips.

Make sure you use all of the clips, some people just use 1 or 2 clips, this can be dangerous for you if you’re camping in an area, where wind conditions can suddenly change.

Rainfly comes over the whole thing, this tent has some good vestibules, you can store your shoes and extra stuff in that.

As this is not a free-standing tent, so you have to hook the rain fly with the ground, you can use hooks provided by the company or you can use your own.

But make sure you hook the backpacking tents on a solid surface.

Rain Fly in this tent is multi-use, you can use it as a shade. You can open the rain fly from windows just by folding it, and enjoy the rain if it is in the opposite direction.

To use the rain fly as a shade, you need to support it with given sticks and then you can tighten it with the help of given ropes.

This thing helps you to sit and relax on a beautiful beach.



For a 3 person family, this tent is great, in our durability test this tent got an 8/10, which is pretty good, you can easily rely on it.

I know it seems high but once you have hooked it in the ground in a proper manner, this tent is going nowhere, you can easily go here and there and your stuff is safe in it.

I use vestibules a lot. Like I always dry my shoes in it, This tent has a lot of them. So yeah if you are like me and want to store your additional stuff in these vestibules, you are welcome to purchase this tent and camp happily.

4. Coleman Sundome Budget Backpacking Tent

SET UP 85%
Main Features / Technical Specifications
  • Welded corners and inverted seems
  • Wind resistant up to 35 MPH
  • Great Ventilation
  • E-Port budget backpacking tent
  • Easy to set up
  • The total weight is 4.7 KG including accessories

The next tent on our list of best budget backpacking tents is a tent for 4 persons. A group of 4 friends is always the best, but what if one of them has lost their job and they need a tent on a budget!

Just kidding!

Coleman is famous for making extremely durable tents for years now! This tent has pretty much everything you can ask for in a 4 person tent.


As most of the time we use to camp in places where there are most chances of rain, so let’s talk about waterproofing first.

As I have mentioned earlier, we test each of our recommended items personally, we tested this tent with our Rain test. Within one hour of rain, we saw some drops of moisture inside the tent, as we forgot to open the ventilation window in the tent.

After we opened the ventilation window, it rained for about 11.5 hours with some internals, but there was not a single drop of water that we could find inside the tent.

The waterproofing of Coleman Tens is just amazing, their inverted seems design makes sure the water is not coming inside the tent from seems and places of contact.

On top of that in an interview, Coleman’s CEO said that they use a specific silicon compound on all of their tents to give tents an extra layer of water resistance.


Talking about the interior of this tent, this tent only has one door and one big window, for ventilation however, this tent does have a ground ventilation point, using which you can make sure fresh air is entering the tent.

The Interior of the tent does have some pockets to store your stuff. This tent can be used as a multi-season tent to some extent, not fully, as this tent only has a half rainfly, so in snowy conditions, you might get cold air inside your tent. 

The dome shape walls of this tent make sure that your head is not snapping with the walls of the tent, as 4 people have to sit in this tent, and if you are chilling inside the tent, walls play an important role, I have seen this problem in some tents, the angel of walls to high that becomes uncomfortable for you when you sit inside the tent and especially if you are over 6 feet tall.


This is not a free-standing tent, we have to hook this tent with the ground, this tent is based on a 2 pole system, each pole is passed diagonally, a body of the tent is tied with poles with the help of multiple clips, these clips help the tent to maintain its shape and open to its full room.

When it comes to rainfly, the same thing goes with that, we have clips to attach rainfly with the body of the tent and then to the hooks attached to the floor,

With a knaught, attached to a rain fly, we can easily change the contraction and expansion of the rainfly, as per our requirements.


When you are purchasing something for your camping, you want something reliable, something you can trust on. 

There are many tents having a lot of features but, unfortunately, none of them work in the way they describe it. I have tried a lot of tents twin multiple price ranges. This tent is a real value to money if you are looking to buy the best cheap backpacking tent for 4 persons, this is the one.

This tent has all the features you need in a 4 person tent. On top of that, we get some extraordinary quality of the fabric, which is water and airproof.



For a 3 person family, this tent is great, in our durability test this tent got an 8/10, which is pretty good, you can easily rely on it.

I know it seems high but once you have hooked it in the ground in a proper manner, this tent is going nowhere, you can easily go here and there and your stuff is safe in it.

I use vestibules a lot. Like I always dry my shoes in it, This tent has a lot of them. So yeah if you are like me and want to store your additional stuff in these vestibules, you are welcome to purchase this tent and camp happily.

5. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room, 6-Person, White, 10' x 9'​

SET UP 85%
Main Features / Technical Specifications
  • Made of 6 Person
  • Water Proof
  • 10 x 9 feet with 10- x 5-foot screen room
  • Comes with a rain Fly
  • Weighs around 19.01 Pounds
  • Steel poles on this budget backpacking tent
  • Round Shaped

Everyone has different preferences, but I like to hike and camp in groups, it is easier, economical, and enjoyable. This tent is a 6 person tent that can accommodate up to 7 persons if you are not so tall.

This tent has much to offer, we took this tent on a 3 days trip and found it very useful for us. This tent has an enormous size of 10 feet by 9 feet.


The interior of this tent is waterproof, no matter how much it rains the water never comes inside the tent, however when we performed our Rain test on this tent, we found there was a bit of mist and water inside the walls of the tent.

That is normal due to the condensation process.

The interior of the tent has multiple pockets where you can place your phone and other stuff, there is a pocket right above your head, you can place your headlamp and turn that into a lantern.

The walls of this tent are straight to a specific angle, to make sure your head doesn’t snap with them even when you are sitting and chilling in the tent with your friends.

All of the seams inside the tent are very intact and double sealed so that there is no water leakage in storms and heavy rains. (This usually happens to bad tents).

The interior of this tent comes in a light green color that has a soothing effect on your eyes. After a full day of thrilling hiking when you come back to your tent and lay back, your eyes are relaxed. And you feel pretty comfortable if you use an air mattress in this tent.


The exterior of any tent has as much importance as the interior, if the interior of a tent is not good we can not declare that as the best cheap backpacking tent.

This specific tent comes with a rain fly to protect you against storms and heavy rains, the rain fly is designed in such a way that it protects you against the rain, as well as adds to the beauty of the tent.

Rainfly covers most of the seams of the tent, from where water can possibly enter the tent. This tent also has a power outlet, a hole from where you can take power inside your tent, and light it up.

Next comes the lounge area, who don’t like to sit on the bank of a river while sipping a cup of coffee.

Well, bugs!

They don’t want you to be there, LOL

To solve this problem this tent comes with a lounge area, which is made up of mesh. You can sit there and enjoy the view with fresh air while staying away from the bugs and mosquitos at the same time.

This is the best thing I liked about it, I was sitting in the lounge area for like 3 hours straight. On top of that, you can also sleep there in a warm environment.


Poles are the next most important thing that plays an important role in the stability and performance of a tent, And Coleman has done a pretty good job in it.

For a newbie who is assembling a tent for the 1st time in life is a real mess. (It is true). To solve this problem they have color-coded the poles with hooks, Now you don’t have to guess the poles, you can just match the colors and snap it in.

Keep one thing in mind, it seems like the pole will break when you are setting the tent up, but believe me, they are pretty strong, They don’t break!


Joints are pretty strong in this tent, at the end, joints are the main force point of any tent. If you get loose joints or joints made up of some brittle material, they are not gonna work.

There are hooks available on every end of the tent to make sure the tent doesn’t fly off with the wind.

You can tighten those hooks with the ground and get some good stability.



For a 3 person family, this tent is great, in our durability test this tent got an 8/10, which is pretty good, you can easily rely on it.

I know it seems high but once you have hooked it in the ground in a proper manner, this tent is going nowhere, you can easily go here and there and your stuff is safe in it.

I use vestibules a lot. Like I always dry my shoes in it, This tent has a lot of them. So yeah if you are like me and want to store your additional stuff in these vestibules, you are welcome to purchase this tent and camp happily.

6. Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

SET UP 92%
Main Features / Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions of this backpacking tents are 14′ x 9′
  • The total weight of this tent is 33 Pounds including accessories
  • The fabric used in this tent is polyester
  • Room dividers for privacy
  • Electrical cord available

Looking for the best cheap backpacking tent for family, well this is it, your final stop.

When you are thinking about family backpacking tents, one thing that comes to your mind is a performance with durability.

This tent is like your home, comes with partitions and curtains, you can literally divide this family tent into portions.

This tent is for a family of 9, however, we have tested this tent with 8 persons. (we had a lot of other stuff)

This tent is spacious as well as strong.

Though usually these big tents are not meant to be used in conditions where the wind is above 50 MPH.


The interior of this backpacking tents is pretty specious, we have a lot of room, really A lot.

You can divide this tent into partitions and use it as a hall if you want. This tent has a big T -door to enter and exit, you can use that door to take bigger objects inside the tent, in case you want.

The interior of this tent has a meshed roof, so if the weather is clear you can remove the rain fly and enjoy the view of the sky at night.

Don’t worry, in case of rain, you got cover!

You can just add the rain fly in the tent and you are good to go.

Seems in this tent are heat-sealed means, they are water-resistant. So you don’t have to worry even if it’s raining heavily.

You can open the curtains as well as the T-shaped door to get fresh air inside the camp.


The exterior of this tent is a predefined structure, you can not take out the poles, they are already well placed and fixed.

This tent comes with a fast 60 seconds setup time. You just have to take the tent out and pull the central points on poles.

And that’s it!

You have your tent ready to chill!

The Poles of this tent are pretty strong, they are made up of alloy material that is flexible and strong at the same time.

You also get an electric PowerPoint, where you can attach your generator or any power source to get power inside your tent.

This tent performed extremely well in our stability test, tents of this size are usually not freestanding.

After hooking the tent with the ground we were not expecting this tent to perform well, but we were wrong. This tent got a 9/10 in our stability test.

One factor that adds to the stability of this tent is its strong multi-pole structure.

But make sure you treat the poles well, otherwise, you don’t get any extra poles if you break one!



Having vacations with your family is a dream of everyone, but having a comfortable and reliable space to stay in is a must for a good trip.

This tent has all the bells and whistles of a family tent, on top of that this tent is very cheap, for the price of a family dinner you can make an asset that is going to last with you for years.

I purchased this tent back in 2020 and had 4 trips with this tent, 2 personally and for the other 2 I gave this tent to one of my friends’ family.

I got no complaints!

This is the best cheap backpacking tent for 9 people I found in the market. 


Q. What are multi-season tents?

A multi-season tent is a convertible tent, you can use this tent with mesh walls as if you are camping in a warm place. On the other hand, if you are camping in winter or rain, you can use the rainfly to keep the cold air and water away from your tent.

Q.Why do I need a big tent?

A. I would always suggest you to take a tent that has space for 1 more person, why? 1st of all we all carry a lot of stuff when we are camping, we all need some space to store that stuff, and if you take a tent that is of exact measure, you won’t be able to store your stuff in the camp.

B. You never know when someone can come to you and ask for shelter as this happens a lot when you are camping at remote places.

Q.Why should I hook my tent to the ground?

Whether you are using a freestanding tent or not, I always like to hook the tent with the ground. Why? At camping places, you never know when suddenly a strong wind can hit your tent. So it is always better to take precautionary measures.

Q.Can 1 person set up a backpacking tent?

Yes! For sure, 1 person can set up a backpacking tent, you just need to follow the instruction manual given inside each tent, and you will be able to set up your tent within 2-10 minutes, some tents are very easy to set up, it takes only 60 seconds to set up them as poles are already attached to them.

Best Cheap BackPacking Tents Based On User Review